Thursday, 30 December 2010

the one with the

Well, I'm sitting here and Rob is watching a highly questionable film, so I thought I'd do a quick update.

I woke up really early due to Rob starting work at six, and pottered around for a while drinking green tea. It's been really foggy here (and still is) so after sunrise I decided to go for a long walk along the sea front - although I couldn't see much further than about five metres in front of me which was a little scary!

I walked over to where the meeting was supposed to be held -the library was open but the meeting wasn't on - damn! Meaning I couldn't collect the ProPoints stuff - so I'm going to have to get it on Ebay.

I weighed myself this morning on what will be WI day at home, and I was 16st 12lbs. I'm probably going to go to Boots once a week too, making sure that the scales are correct - so I'll do that tomorrow and just check that I'm not like 17st 4lbs or something (cross my fingers that I'm not!).

Today I've been on ProPoints and to be honest I've not felt that different from what it felt like to be on the old Points. I had stir fry for dinner which was obviously higher in PPts than what PTS were, but then I've got more PPts to use (37). I think I'm going to calculate what the OLD points would be too, just as a guide - I don't want to be eating 25+ OLD pts a day because I don't think I'll be losing.

I'm going to give ProPoints a bash and if it doesn't work for me, I'll go back to the old points system.

Today I used 33pts of 37pts:

B: 2 Clemetines = 0ppts
Melon = 0ppts
WW Lemon cake = 2ppts

L: Morrisons French Onion Soup = 3ppts
2 Morrisons Crumpets = 5ppts
Velvet Crunch = 2ppts

D: 165g chicken breast = 5ppts
Amoy Fine Noodles (straight to wok) = 6ppts
Light Soy Sauce = 1ppts
Stir Fry veg = 1ppts
Pinapple = 0ppts
Mince Pie (eek, but I had enough left over) = 7ppts

S: 50g of smoked salmon = 2ppts

So thats 33ppts out of 37. I also earned 5 Activity Points for 1hr of walking, although I don't really take any of that into account because I haven't got the pedometer (maybe for my birthday!).

I bought a couple of Eat Smart meals from Morrisons that were half price - I've not calculated the ppts but if they are really high Rob can have them ;)

Over and out!

Happy Slimming =)


Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Well... A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my readers, if I have any left?
I'd like to say I hit my 25lb target off for Christmas, but as you can imagine from my absence on my blog it was the other way - I've put ON 25lbs since the end of October - truly dreadful. I've had health problem after health problem and I've been gorging on food, doing little exercise and just being totally complacent, watching my weight sky rocket back up to nearly 17st :(

So. I only have myself to blame. Rob has on more than one occasion said to me I should stop eating xyz and my excuse was that we had parties, or we had family over, or I was stressed, or I was hungry, or or or.

A lot has changed in the last couple of months, not just my weight. We've moved into a flat by the coast which is much better than the last place we had and somewhere I can finally adjust to being home (or have so far). My M.E has gotten worse like it pretty much every winter. Money is tight because of aforementioned house move and I'm not working. Hopefully this will change in the new year.

So, Christmas is over. It's so easy to make excuses over this time of year, and I am the queen of them it seems! I decided to go to the meeting here having left my last one, but I am primarily going to do it through Esource/Online because it's cheaper. It'll be hard not having the meeting to back my up, but if our financial situation changes then I can have a look at going back to the meetings.

There is a meeting at the library at 10am, and there doesn't appear to be any announcement that it isn't on, so I will go with my tail between my legs, get weighed in, and pick up the ProPoints stuff, because I've not even TRIED it!

I hope you are all having a fun and peaceful (!!) festive period.

Happy Slimming =)


Saturday, 23 October 2010

losing 4lbs and possibly putting it all back on...hmph.

Well, I lost 4lbs at WI - taking me down to 15st 4lbs (so lowest recorded WW weight), but Thursday and Friday's eating was absolutely awful - I cannot even begin to imagine how much I drank or ate. So the Wii is saying I've put that all back on, marvellous :(

I only have myself to blame and I'm going to have to restrict like hell just to get a STS, never mind a loss. I am so stupid!

Hope you are all fairing better,

Happy Slimming =)


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

twas the night before

As a general rule, I usually try and eat light before WI the following morning. I'm not sure where this came about; whether it was a conscious decision to do so or whether I'd read other people did it on the boards, but usually I'll eat my main meal at lunchtime and then a snacky lunch at dinner time. Today I didn't get that opportunity and I feel all out of sorts! I ended up having sausages with mash and veg, and quite a lot of it :facepalm: - all within points (in fact I have 7pts left over and it's 8:30pm) of course but still. I suppose if I'd stuck with what I was originally going to do and have a salad and then another salad, I'd be way under points, which although was myth busted at last weeks meeting, still isn't good.

I weighed myself on the scales at Boots today as my home scales were showing a highly unlikely 15st 4lbs (denoting a loss of 4lbs this week) - seems they were near enough, Boots has me down as 15st 4lbs (although I discredit it slightly as it put me a whole inch shorter than I am in height, so god knows!).

Would be absolutely amazing to lose 4lbs or even 5lbs for tomorrow - my lowest recorded weight at WW was 15st 4lbs about three months ago before I gained 10lbs so it'll have me right down there. Unofficially I got down to 15st 2lbs (a little less I think as the home scales are about a pound above normal) but I'm not going to think of that, and concentrate on trying to crack the 14's within the next couple of weeks - I think my idea of cracking it before Guy Fawkes was a bit ambitious.

It's quite funny - when I got down to this weight in the summer, I felt slim (or slimmish) - I don't have that feeling at the moment, I still am unhappy with what I look at and I still can't notice a huge difference. Still, the scales moving downwards is all good, however much by.

I hope you are all having luck with you WI's this week and stick with it!

Happy Slimming =)

-missyb- x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

just a little catch up.

Still on plan, am trying not to get too obsessed like I was last time so filling my time with exercise and a lot of reading!

I think I am a couple of pounds down from the last weigh in weight, Wii says 15st 6lbs but that's about a reliable as a chocolate teapot, so we'll see.

I took a couple of photos of me at 15st 8lbs, I think it's always good to have a diary of pictures for this journey.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend, and are staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WI numero uno.

So, we've been back from town for a bit and I've just been updating things and checking bank accounts and what not, pleased to see that I will be getting paid for the 10 hours I worked before I had to leave my last job. That will come in very handy indeed!

I lost 6lbs, so am pretty chuffed with that. I am down to 15st 8lbs so roughly what I was about two months ago, give or take a couple of pounds. Am hoping to perhaps lose 3-4lbs next week so I can be back to what I was before I stopped going to WW (although my lowest recorded weight was 15st 2lbs) - cannot wait to get into the 14's, I truly cannot remember the last time I was in them, certainly not in my 20's!

I don't know if I mentioned it in my last entry but Lisa, my leader who is absolutely amazing, sent me a little note this week to my house telling me to "Keep Going" - I love that she does this, it's been a difficult month with one thing and another, especially not helped by the fact my M.E is pretty bad at the moment and I am struggling to do much exercise.

Anyway, week one is done and dusted :) I had an alpen bar after I weighed in and then a jacket potato from Spud U Like with Chilli Con Carne for lunch, just snacked on a pitta bread and some crabsticks and will be having prawn curry for dinner which was in this weeks Your Week.

Am going to try and relax tonight and just take some time out, even typing on the laptop is hurting my arms at the moment, something I've not felt for a long time :(

Hope you are all on track,

Happy Slimming =)

-Missyb -x-

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

weigh in tomorrow.... quite quite nervous, being my first WI since my restart. I had a sneaky peek on the scales yesterday in Boots and they had me down as 15st 8lbs which would be lovely, but then I weighed myself in different clothes today to get my fat percentage and was at 15st 10lbs, so who knows. I think I'd be happy with anything between 5-7lbs lost this week, but I must not get discouraged if it is less. I've also walked a lot today and did some EA Active early this morning, so am aching slightly!

Today I've had 22pts out of 25 and had a nice lunch out with R - we are watching the football now and then I'm going to read a book I got out at the library today.

I will update as soon as I know! *crossing fingers*

Hope you are all on track and having a good week.

Happy Slimming =)


Sunday, 10 October 2010


day three down. I make it sound like some massive hardship but I'm actually quite enjoying it, I've not really felt hungry today.

Yesterday I ate 23.5pts out of 25 and today 20pts out of 25 so I'm averaging out at around 22, which is what I wanted in order to do a week of fast start (albeit doing it for five days, as wed and thursday were a right off).

I managed to do a bit of exercise in the form of digging out my old dusty neglected Wii and did fifteen minutes on that, not very long but I did a lot of cardio in that time and made sure I broke a sweat. Apart from that it's been an unusually quiet day, have been catching up on the WW forums and just pottering about on the internet.

The real test will be when Rob has time off on Tuesday and Wednesday, because those are the days I fall foul of the eating demons. Fortunately one is the day before WI and one is WI day itself, so hopefully it will encourage me to stay on track.

I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself this time round. At the moment I am just looking forward to getting back down to my original weight, and then into the 14's. It sounds like a really weird thing to aim for, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw the 14's, and it would be absolutely ace to be in the 13's for Christmas - by that point I should fit into that little black dress I bought all those years ago and never wore again!

Hope you've all had brilliant weekends and enjoyed the sunshine today.

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Saturday, 9 October 2010

day one.

I managed to shock myself and stay on track all day. In fact, I was five points under, which is not the best way to go back into WW (I had the shakes this morning, either lack of food or caffeine withdrawal or both!) but I suppose old habits die hard!

At the moment the M.E is pretty bad so exercise is a bit of a moot point, but I'm sure when I start to lose a bit of weight my energy levels with return (she says, crossing her fingers).

Have had some cereal this morning with some milk, and about to grab some soup for lunch - am looking forward to it, and cherry tomato pasta for dinner tonight :)

Hope you are all having fabulous weekends, and staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Monday, 4 October 2010

in preparation for tomorrow.

OK, so my new start didn't happen - work got in the way, life got in the way, as it so often does!

I weighed myself and was absolutely distraught that I was up to 16st. My lowest weight in June was 15st 2lbs so I'm nearly a whole stone up from what I was, and goodness knows what I could be if I'd stuck with it instead of getting silly and restricting to the point of just gorging myself on food to compensate.

STILL, I am here now, and Christmas is how many weeks away now? I would like to lose at least a stone and a half between now and then, which I think is doable, but I'm not going to set myself any mad unhealthy targets, just go at it to the best of my ability and remember that the plan does work, and not to get all stupid and restrict to 10 points a day *rolls eyes*

It's nice to see a few of the people who were blogging six months ago are still about, and I'm sure I'll be looking in on the new bloggers! Good luck in your journey and remember to give me a royal kick up the backside if I'm not about!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Sunday, 29 August 2010

new starting weight!

15st 8lbs is the new starting weight.

the fattest tinkerbell you did ever see...

...Hello bloggers.

I have pretty much spent the entire month shovelling food after food after food into my mouth. To add to that I've been drinking like a total fish and have lost track of the number of days I've felt that horrible foggy headed feeling - not good.

It's been pretty much a shit last month, my friend died, my anxiety got worse, I moved out of our home and back in with my Mum and just had a lot of money woes. However, I have a new job which I'm ridiculously excited about which starts next Monday and I am in the position to be able to do more financially and exercise and WW wise - I'm not going to be able to go to my usual meeting now because it's in the morning, so I will have to find a weekend or evening one to go to, but that's not so bad as long as it's with Lisa.

The scales on Wednesday said I was 15st 6lbs - (but I think it's a lot more than that now as I've been drinking and eating tonnes) so only 4lbs added on in the last 2-3 months, which isn't so bad, I know some people do that in a week so I shall take some comfort in that.

Sunday is a strange day to get back on track but I am sick of putting it off and making excuses. I went out on Friday night for my brother's wife to be's hen do dressed as tinkerbell (we had to dress in Disney wear) and whilst most people said I looked really nice some utter wanker (although he had a point) said I was shrek. So....nothing like a bit of an insult to spur you on! :D

Hope you are all fairing better,

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Tuesday, 3 August 2010

save me a seat on the wagon.

so, day one down. I don't know whether to consider it a fresh start or whether to just assume I've been loosely sticking to it all along.

In either case, although I feel tired (which I have been for a while now) I feel good. Got to go to the doctors today for a check up and then I will have a mooch around town I think.

Yesterday I had:

B: Coffee Light Grande (Starbucks) - 2pts
L: Turkey Subway - 4pts, packet of M&S baked crisps - 1pt, apple - 1pt (it was quite big) and yoghurt - 0.5pt
D: BGTY Chilli - 6.5pts, WW dessert - 1.5pts and Iced Gems - 1.5pts.

TOTAL: 18.5pts/25pts - Genuinely wasn't too hungry later on as I'd eaten a massive meal the night before!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

PS - This is a photo of me at my cousins wedding last month - I was roughly about 58lbs down.

Thursday, 29 July 2010

long time no see!

Hello ladies and gents.

It's been a while eh?

Quite honestly I've not been tracking one bit and have been stuffing my face quite happily - combination of being stressed about work, being happy that I'm living with my boyfriend and the rubbish of excuse of having little money = supernoodles and onion rings plus no internet to glean my support meant I just avoided it.

I'm 15st 8.5lbs as of yesterdays WI so I have lost exactly 4 stone - I had lost a further 6lbs (15st 2lbs) but obviously that's gone back on...whoops! Still, the internet is running, I have some money, my shifts aren't too bad and I've got absolutely no excuse!

Not faired so well today but we're going to go down to Morrisons in a bit and I can have a look at a few recipes online before we go.

Would be great to hear from you all,

Happy Slimming

Missyb -x-

Wednesday, 7 July 2010

i am still alive!

Although I have not been on track in any sense of the world. I seem to have lost and gained the same 6lbs over the last month, but I think I'm at the higher end of the 15's now - sad face!

I've only got myself to blame, so I'm not going to sit here and bumble on about work, or moving, or any of that old shite. It's me putting the crap food into my mouth therefore it is my fault entirely!

I have my points calculator and whilst my internet is pretty dodgy I should be able to stay on track. I still have my points tracker book so I can have a look over my old one for ideas - I'm going to try and stick to my points (as in not eat too little) and try new recipes too.

I will weigh myself on the Boots scales tomorrow for a semi accurate reading, they are usually the same as the scales at WI - ironically last week they said 15st 2lbs! I very much doubt they will be anywhere near now!

Hope you are all fairing better than me!

Happy Slimming,

Missyb xxx

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

coming atcha.

Right. I have been totally slack the last couple of weeks, I thought I could switch to calorie counting and all I ended up doing was denying myself certain foods, which I should have known from previous experience works about as well as a chocolate teapot!

In a slight defence I have had a really hectic few weeks - I've started a new job in Gorleston and am trying to find somewhere to live with my boyfriend. Work is quite busy and it's a grab food on the go type, so I've not been eating much (if at all) and then binging when I get in to compensate. Consider the line drawn!

Two weeks ago I weighed in at 15st 11lbs after a gain of 1lb, I went to a new meeting last night locally to me and I was 15st 5lbs, so a loss of 6lbs over two weeks. I'm happy with that :)

Even though I'm on my feet all day at work I am not moving as much as I was before, so once I start getting paid regularly I will see if we have enough for me to join a gym. I could do with a bit of extra exercise and specifically ones that target certain areas as before it was just a case of a bit of running and walking everywhere.

So, I'm back, and coming atcha!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx

Thursday, 3 June 2010

oh dear!

First gain. I was expecting it as I was a total idiot the day before and ate like a pig. Something about Tuesdays. So, 1lb on. What an idiot! Am more focused this week however, so hopefully next week will be a loss!

Happy slimming =)

Missyb xxx

Wednesday, 26 May 2010


I am so stoked - I got my 50lbs certificate this week! I couldn't believe it when I stood on the scales and it said I had lost 6.5lbs - thats crazy insane. I have been very restrictive since my blow out on Friday, plus things in the bottom department have been better, so I should imagine that accounts for a lot of it.

I am now the following; under 16st (15st 10lbs), under 100kg (just), 55.5lbs down, into a size 18 (mostly) and 1.5lbs away from 4 stone gone! Sheesh.

I've gotta make a trip to Tesco for some food, but I will try and update more often.

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx

Saturday, 22 May 2010

naughty naughty

Just a quickie - I've been on and off track all week so am not expecting anything this week.

Last week at WI I lost 1.5lbs so still on track, just going to be extra good between now and Wed!

Will update properly sometime later.

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx

Tuesday, 18 May 2010

the one where i went a little bonkers.

In fairness, I have been on holiday of sorts - I've been staying at my boyfriends and seeing our two best friends and their newborn daughter who are down from Bristol.

I'd stuck religiously to points from Wed - Friday evening, and then after having a mediocre 4 points during the day I thought it would be okay to have a chinese - so got a mushroom chow mein (4.5pts) - however, I ended up eating about four chicken/prawn balls and some chips. Not good. I was still within points but still.

Saturday it got worse. Ribs, crisps, chips, pizza, chicken breast pieces, onion rings (!!!) and a great deal of wine. In my defence this was a day long party type thing, but considering I had bought and took round some special foods I shouldn't have gone OTT - I also definitely didn't eat as much as I would have done before, sharing a pizza and not eating many chips.

Sunday - angelic, too much so - 8pts for the whole day and a whopping 10.5 BP's.

Monday - basically crap. I've been really constipated for the last two weeks and in my infinite wisdom thought some greasy crap food may clear me out (I've literally tried everything healthy, supplements, medication, the lot) - wrong. I had a curry that was laden in fat, as well as a small bit of chocolate cake and a small portion of chips from the chip shop. Talk about going off the wagon!

Again, I made sure my portions were small and I tried to keep a total of how many points, I reckon I'm probably about 20pts over for this week.

Anyway, as mentioned above I've had some serious problems in the ol' bottom department which ended up with me having to go to hospital this morning to get some kind of treatment. A half-worked enema was the result and I'm still downing movicol (rank stuff) now. I feel like total shit, so my feelings towards dieting at the moment are at a low ebb, but today I have been fine and will continue to be. It's actually quite funny, I don't particularly like fatty foods anymore - not only with the guilt associated but with the fact it just makes me feel blergh.

I also bought some home scales but they are not as accurate as the ones in Boots - which after weighing myself today came up as 16st 2lbs, quite a bit more than the 15st 13lbs it showed at the end of last week :( However, there is a big blockage.

Have decided that I am not going to WI tomorrow for a variety of reasons a) I feel rubbish and do not fancy a bus journey from the coast to Norwich if I'm feeling dodgy tummy wise, b) the result isn't going to be reflective due to blockage and c) I've not really tried very hard this week. Probably the wrong choice but I am still debating whether to go or not - if I've put on weight I will take it but I'm more scared of getting on the bus and needing the loo!

Anyway, this has been all in all a bit TMI, so sorry about that, but felt I needed to explain in light of the bad choices I've made this week. Consider the line drawn!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx

Thursday, 13 May 2010

10th WI!

I had some problems this week in the old tummy department, so was fearful that I would show a gain or STS.

Week was fine, no blips, no going over, lots of exercise, fruit and veg etc. Just bunged up - TMI!

I managed to lose 2.5lbs which means I'm at 47.5lbs in total and 2.5lbs away from the 50lbs certificate, am crossing my fingers that I get it next week! A sneaky peak on the scales after a night up due to laxatives says I'm 15st 13lbs - I honestly cannot remember the last time I was in the 15's!

Hope you're all having a good weeks.

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx

Saturday, 8 May 2010

monthly measurements.

Believe it or not, it's that time again! Time really does fly sometimes.

I thought I'd give a little update as well whilst I'm here.

Nothing much is happening chez moi - I've moved out of my flat and am in with my Mum now to commence some serious saving. I've earnt quite a few bonus points shifting stuff around and have made more of an effort (well, from today) to do more exercise - I have neglected the old Wii for a couple of weeks and haven't been doing toning exercises etc. Slapped wrist!

Everything is okay Points wise, apart from a minor blip on Tuesday (stupidly the day before WI) where I had half a roast chicken and a mint magnum. Whoops! I have no idea why I get to Tuesday and everything goes a bit batshit in my head. I think it's because Rob has Tuesdays off a lot. No excuse really!

I'm starting to see a difference now - initially I could only "feel" it (quicker pace of walking, not getting so tired) but I'm dropping dress sizes - I think I must have been nudging a 24 before I started WW and I'm getting into 20's mainly with the occasional 18/22. I bought a shrug the other day in a 16 - granted it's a bit small but it will do for the summer.

Anyway - measurements and photos! Green is todays, purple was last months and red is when I first started.

Right Upper Arm - 12.5inches / 14inches> (14.5 inches) - loss of 1.5 inches since last month
Waist - 42.5inches / 44.5inches (46.5inches) - loss of 2 inches since last month
Hips - 46.5inches / 49inches (53.5inches) - loss of 2.5 inches since last month
Right Thigh - 28inches / 30.5inches (31.5inches) - loss of 2.5 inches since last month
Bust (under) - 39.5inches /42inches (42.5inches) - loss of 2.5 inches since last month
Bust (over) - 44.5 inches / 48 inches (48.5inches) - loss of 3.5 inches since last month
Neck - 14.5inches / 15inches (16.2 inches) - loss of 0.5 inches since last month

TOTAL = 15 inches since last month :)

I also have some photos for your perusal!

This is when I first started.

This is one month on:

This is today, 45lbs down.

Lastly, a big thank you to the girls and guys on 5+ to Lose, MiniMins WW section and to all the comments on here - I'm really grateful that people are following me and encouraging me :)

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Thursday, 6 May 2010

9th weigh in!

Hey readers, not been around much as I've just moved house and am absolutely shattered!

Managed to lose 5.5lbs this week, I have absolutely no idea how or why considering I ate half a roast chicken the day before >.<

I made a little video blog which I may do each month - I've tried to upload it to Blogger but won't work so here is the link!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 28 April 2010

quick one.

I've got a couple of things to do this afternoon (sleeping is one of them, otherwise I'm going to collapse at about 9pm) but am back from weigh in and have had some lunch - am hungry again so going to have a yoghurt I think!

I lost 7lbs, which is totally freaking insane - Don't congratulate me because I've been a total arse this week with my eating and frustrated everyone. I've nearly eaten the same amount of points at 3pm today that I did for the whole of yesterday - so I'm a stupid idiot. My leader quite rightly pointed it out to me so this week I'm going to make more of an effort to eat my points.

Still, I have another silver 7 and I'm 2.5lbs from 3 stone lost! 10.5lbs away from the 50lb, amazing stuff.

Hope you're all having good weeks and good luck to those weighing in.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

the one with the night before.

I'm insanely nervous about WI tomorrow - after going 10 over my points on Friday I've drastically cut down to compensate, which in all honesty hasn't been very healthy at all, so am not going to continue with just eating salad and crispbreads next week.

I weighed myself on a Boots scale today whilst in Gorleston just to get an idea of whether I've put on or lost and it said 16st 12lbs???? If that comes up on the scales tomorrow at WI I'll probably collapse with shock - anyway, all scales are calibrated differently, I should know that more than most, so providing it didn't say 17st 6lbs or whatever, I'm happy.

As above suggests I've been limiting myself to quite a restricted diet this week - next week I'll encourage myself to eat more but I have this rubbish mentality of just thinking I can cut out the odd bits and pieces out of my daily diet and before I know it I've eaten 14pts instead of 20-odd. I know in order for this diet to work I need to do it properly and not starve myself - doing that will only ensure that when I get down to the desired weight I will only be able to sustain it if I eat minimal foods. I don't want that.

Anyway, W-day is tomorrow and I'll find out the damage. Hope you are all having fabulous weeks and good luck to those weighing in tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Friday, 23 April 2010

first blip - slap me now!

Hi all,

Well, as the title suggests I've not had an entirely saintly day. I'm not sure what went wrong in the wiring of my brain when I woke up this morning but I was off kilter all day. You know the kind of days, when things don't really feel quite real? That was today.

Yesterday was mine and Rob's anniversary so after he finished work he came over to Norwich and we went out for dinner. Up until then I'd only had 4 points in preparation for whatever happened that evening (as we didn't have a specific plan) - in the end we ended up going to La Tasca as everywhere else was packed! They have a new platter option which is labelled "Healthy" and is cheaper than getting seperate dishes, so we had that. Was basically olives (although there was a lot of oil!), grilled chicken and prawns, roasted veg in tomato sauce, grilled salmon (I think, although it was quite crispy), salad with olive oil and avocado and melon with serrano ham. It was pretty hard to point - some of the dishes were in the Eat Out guide but as this was a new menu they had quite a few new things. In the end I pointed the whole thing at around 15-16 points. I also had a glass of wine when out (small) and a WW Chocolate Mousse for dessert when we got in. So had 24/26pts (but a lot of that was guess work). Walked 11 miles too!

Today fared less well, breakfast was fine - pretty much the usual (toast and grapefruit) and then at lunchtime I just sort of gave in a little. I had a salad from M&S and some baked crisps for 5.5 points, and half a yoghurt 0.5pt. Then I ended up eating pretty much a bag of hula hoops, 1.5 sticks of kitkat, a cheese scone (why oh why - apart from the fact I was desperate for one) and a mini milky way. We also went for a glass of wine. So I had about 23 points in the space of 2 hours :/

Anyway, ended up having dinner later on but mistakenly thought a naan bread would be less points that rice - Er, no. Even the light choices one was 5 pts. Big mistake! So I am over by 11 points. Technically with my Activity Points I'm still in credit but I never use them so not going to start doing that now. Am going to work on either Fast Start for a week or drop down to 20pts for the remaining 4 full days to make sure I either STS or lose. Cross your fingers!

In NVS news I went into Fat Face yesterday, a shop that rarely fits, but ended up buying a size 16 skirt! Sheesh kebab! Here is a little look:

Anyway, will drop back later in the week to let you know how it's all going.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

a quick one before i retire to bed & the 7th WI

I've not been around lately - a combination of doing a lot of exercise (42 BP's last week) and not having a lot of time or anything specific to say meant I stayed away!

I had a good week on track, no blips, no days going over etc and plenty of exercise, so I had my weigh in today!

2lbs down - I'm quite happy with that as I knew it would be a smaller loss this week after tracking it not-so-closely on the Wii. It means I'm 2.5lbs off my 5th silver 7 which I'm crossing my fingers I will get next week, if not the week after. I've got 4lbs to go till I'm in the 16's too! I can't remember the last time I was in that bracket! Probably about 4 years ago.

I hope everyone is staying on track and doing well - good luck to those weighing in for the rest of the week and well done to those who have lost this week. I'll check in with you all tomorrow when I have some free time :)

Happy slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Friday, 16 April 2010

the day i ate a dessert (however small)

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having wonderful weeks.

So, I said I'd come back and update properly, so here I am. Am still shocked that I managed to lose so much at WI, my tracker keeps telling me I'm losing weight too quickly but I can honestly say I'm not starving myself, nor doing exercise every minute of the day, so I don't see any cause for stopping what I am doing. I'm sure it will slow down massively next week and thereon in but it's been a nice month or so of big losses! It's really encouraged me and made me feel motivated.

So, after WI, I had some lunch at home and got ready to head over to Ipswich - my best friend Nick lives there and I've not visited his new flat. I caught the train over there and paid £23 for the privilege, I remember when tickets to Ipswich were about £11! Damn inflation. When I got there Nick met me at the station and we headed over to his, and his flat looks lovely - I am quite quite jealous! We headed to Cardinal Park and on route I noticed how much the town has changed since I moved out about 5 years ago. We went to Old Orleans and had a drink, both had a small glass of wine. Had a chat, then we were both hungry and went over to ASK which was next door.

I said to myself that regardless of whether I stuck to points or not, I would point everything that I had - I think where a lot of people come unstuck is when they go out and forget/don't point what they are eating. We had olives to share to start with as we have this silly in joke about having them at every restaurant we go too (we must start that blog, Nick!) so that was 2 pts for the portion (1pt), Nick had a pasta meatball combo thing and I had a chicken caeser salad for 9.5pts. Nick decided to have some gorgeous looking profiteroles that had ice cream inside instead of cream, and I pinched one - the portion was 12.5pts and I had 1 out of the five that were there, which I worked out to be 2.5pts but rounded up to (3pts). Also had a large glass of wine which according to the tracker is 2.5pts but I pointed it at 3.5pts just to be sure. When we got back to Nick's I had a beer and fell asleep!

Anyway, for the day I used 28pts out of 26 so two over, but I claimed that back yesterday by eating 21pts out of 26pts. Hopefully going slightly over won't have any ramifications come Wednesday!

This is the beauty I was working towards!

Anyway, better dash and dry my hair.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 14 April 2010

the one with the sixth weigh in.

Hey folks,

I managed it! I got my 10% keyring and also managed my 4th silver seven which means, I've lost 2st 3lbs! :D Mighty chuffed with that, I said I'd be happy to just get my 10%!

Which means I've lost 5.5lbs this week and 30.5lbs overall - am proper stoked about it.

Am heading off to Ipswich in a bit to have a glass of wine and something from Ask with Nicholas, am determined to stay on track though :)

To everyone weighing in, good luck, and well done to those who have lost.

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx

pre-weigh in jitters

I don't know why I'm worried but I am. Usually I'm aiming for nothing in particular but this week I'm 2.5lbs away from my 10% goal and I am so hoping I get it today. I want that keyring! It would be even more awesome if I've lost 3lbs this week, because then it'll be two stone.

I have managed to rack up 42 activity points this week - from walking alone! I don't know how accurate that is and I don't eat my activity points anyway, but it made me feel good looking at it.

Been sticking to the plan like a fly on paper so I'm hoping I get the results I'm after. If I do, I may have an evening off pointing (but not binging) when I go and visit Nick in Ipswich.

Cross your fingers! xxx

Saturday, 10 April 2010

25 Activity Points and the tale of a fat girl getting thin.

I've done 25 Activity points since Wednesday \o/ It's actually more than that but the pedometer has stalled on me a couple of times, but I'll take 25 - I'm going to be doing a lot of walking tomorrow too as I'm going to the seaside so lets aim for 35 this week!

Today I did 9pts alone, it's so funny how doing more exercise makes you more energetic - this time two months ago I was struggling to get through a day without sleeping and resting and now I can walk for 2 hours at a time. It's funny how life throws curve balls. I feel so much fitter, I can walk without getting so much pain and the back ache I was suffering from at the start of the year has completely gone - I'm not sure hether it was the extra weight or because I was drinking too much, but now the weight has started to come off and I'm hardly drinking, so there is two reasons.

Today Mum took my measurements as it's a month since I last had them done.

Arm 14 -1 inch
Waist 44.5 -2 inches
Hips 49 -4.5 inches
Thigh 30.5 -1 inch
Bust 1 42 -0.5 inches
Bust 2 48 -0.5 inches#
Neck 15 -1 inch (gross)
TOTAL 10.5 inches off

That's insane!

Mum also took some pictures of me - These are the pictures before - Above are the photos taken from today - for some stupid reason I can't format them into the latter part of the post, sigh!

Anyway, I'm going to go and have a chill out now, hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine and have a great weekend.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Thursday, 8 April 2010

fifth weigh in and a cup of green tea.

Hello ladies and gents.

Was ridiculously busy yesterday ferrying about town after WI and then Rob came over in the evening and I was shattered so fell asleep in front of the football - nothing changes, I used to do that 10 years ago ;)

Well, as I suspected I didn't match up to my previous weeks losses but that's okay - I knew it would slow down and after my mini blow out the day before I knew it was likely that it would be even less than I thought. So I lost 1.5lbs, which brings me to 25lbs loss so far. I'm happy with that - 25lbs is a good first milestone and I can't wait for 50lbs! Bless WW, they gave me a wee star to say I'd lost 25lbs.

I'm hoping for a 2.5lb or more loss next week which will bring me to my 10%. I can't wait to have that keyring! So I am going to try extra hard this week, which means only one, maybe two drinks over the course of the week or better still none at all, and tracking everything (although I have been sticking to that).

I'm over Mum's for a few days now as Rob is on a couple of early shifts. I got over here about 11am this morning and then decided to go for a walk, 2 hours later I was still walking - I went over to Waitrose to pick up some cous cous and then stopped off for some diet coke as I was thirsty. My stupid pedometer paused itself so I don't know how many points or steps I've walked fully, but I'm just going to take the value it says at the end of the day.

Anyhow, I hope you're all having a good week and good luck for those weighing in!

Happy slimming and sunning!

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010


This is a quickie (oo err) before I head off to WI.

I was a bit bad yesterday - I had 5 pts saved up so didn't go over in theory, but I'm sure the garlic flatbread from Chiquito's is more than 4 pts! Silly Becca, why I had a starter I don't know - I also have no idea why I decided the day before my weigh in to have a mini blowout! I had 2 pints of beer too! Gahh.

I didn't have anything for dinner in any case as I had used up all my points so we shall see at 10:30am! I should imagine it'll be something like 1 or 2lb if I'm lucky. Wii says I'm about 17st 9lbs but that's not to be taken seriously! If I am 17st 9 that would be a miracle and I'd also get my 10% keyring! I'll say a little prayer I think...

I hope you all had wonderful Easter weekends and enjoyed the sunshine if you had it - we went for a long walk yesterday in the sun which was lovely.

I'll be back later with the damage!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Sunday, 4 April 2010

snickers cake and apple strudel.

Happy Easter! I've had a lovely day, but boy, there was a lot of temptation today and not one egg in sight!

We walked over to Mum's from my house which is about 2 miles, the weather was nice at that point so we strolled and then stopped off for a drink at the pub near her house. I had an absolutely mediocre glass of wine, half of which I left which I was peed off about as it was a total waste of points. On the way we stopped off at the continental market and bought Mum a chocolate brownie from the stall that she had eyed up the other day - call it her Easter present!

When we got there the smell was amazing - Mum cooks a mean roast dinner and did some lamb, something I don't often eat but I was so hungry I could have eaten anything. I had quorn sausages as they were lower in points than lamb with some fry light roast potatoes and veg. Everyone else had slabs of lamb and proper roast potatoes with lovely gravy - I don't think I've envied a meal so much!

Afterwards, Nana had bought round a cheesecake/cake type thing from Sweden that was Snickers endorsed, hell that looked good. There was also apple and raspberry strudel, and that looked damn fine too. Actually, it was absolute hell watching every tuck in with ice cream - I was sitting with a WW creamed rice and it didn't really hit the spot!

Anyway, I have had lots of fruit and veg today so that is good, and earned 4 Activity points in the process of walking about - to Mum's and then we took Alfie for a short walk after dinner. I've had a little bit of supper and some green tea which is good too. I hope I am rewarded at WI on Wednesday for being so good!

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend so far and have stayed on track. I salute you!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Thursday, 1 April 2010

raise it up...

Hey folks

I promised I would write a longer entry today and here I am. Things WW wise are brilliant, I honestly couldn't ask for more, but things in my personal life are a bit up and down, so I'm not feeling as good as I could. It's a bit strange as this time of year I'm usually full of beans and heaps excited about the summer, but I guess the cold weather and rain of the last few days as compounded my misery somewhat.

I'm debating the pro's and con's of setting the blog private - only for the simple reason there are links to me on here (ie, photos, twitter, etc) - I've never been one to be completely consealed as I don't see the point; I've nothing to hide and I'm not ashamed of anything (bar my weight). But there are people in my life gone by that make me wonder whether being so public about this is the right thing to do. Rob has told me on numerous occasions that I shouldn't be so public about my weight loss but I really do find it helps me to stay focused when I know I have a community (however small) watching me do my figurative business.

I'm not sure. Lots of people on the WW board have said they find my blog inspiring, which is one of the primary reasons I do this - to inspire other people to follow the same journey I am. It really does work, and although I've had no blips so far I know they will happen and I know I have somewhere to moan too rather than bending the ears of my close ones. I am going to think about it over the next few days and see how I feel.

Anyway, I had my meeting yesterday (as documented) and I was a saddened to hear that Claire who works on the Sales Desk is leaving as she's got a new job. I really enjoy catching up with her at meetings and she's always so sweet about my losses. We're friends on Facebook now and she says she's going to pop into the meetings every so often which will be nice. As a result, there is a vacancy for the Sales Desk going at the meeting which Lisa (my leader) asked me if I wanted to fill. I debated this throughout the meeting which was a bit naughty as I didn't listen fully to what was being said (plus Rob was with me and kept nodding off) - In some ways I'd really like to join the team; I've always said once I reach goal I would seriously think about becoming a leader, or at least someone helping at the meetings. But I'm only 4 weeks in and I think I could benefit from being part of the meetings more at the moment - so maybe if the vacancy came up in six-eight months I would feel more equipped to deal with it better. There is also the problem of us moving to Gorleston at some point; I've said I want to continue going to the Norwich meetings (providing I am able too, health and financially) as I like the group and I feel secure there. But I'd have to leave the house at 8am to get to Norwich for 9am to help set up - I'm usually up fairly early but if I'm having a bad day, it could be a real struggle.

Again, another thing to think about. I would like to do it, but maybe in half a year.

Other things preying on my mind - money, as ever, and Rob. He's been feeling off colour for a couple of weeks now and I'm getting seriously worried there is something properly wrong. He's said he's going to the doctors next week for a blood test so please, please cross your fingers that it's nothing major and it can be cured quickly. I'm feeling incredibly vulnerable at the moment :(

Anyway. I'm at Mum's for the next few days I think, possibly going over to Rob's on Saturday.

Hope you are all doing good and staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 31 March 2010

the one with the fourth (third?) weigh in...

I think technically it's the third. Third fourth, it doesn't matter :op

I'm heaps tired so will be retiring to bed soon with my book, two hours ago I was busting a gut doing EA Active on the hard mode for 30 minutes. Phewf!

Weighed in today - lost 5lbs! Have absolutely no idea how or why or when etc - the Wii was saying I was bang on 18st but the scales at the meeting said 17st 13lb! I'll take that!

I'll do a proper update tomorrow, for now!

Good luck to those weighing in,

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Monday, 29 March 2010

rip pedometer

My Mum's puppy got hold of it this morning and broke it. I am sans my newly found crutch, even if I think it's a shade unreliable. Anyway, it's broken, and I need to get a replacement.

I've been at Mum's for the last few days - I've stuck to WW still despite the fact I couldn't online track as the internet/laptop was playing up majorly. I weighed myself on the Wii when I got in from Mum's (4pm) and it said I'd put on a pound! Argh! I don't feel as if I've lost weight this week, if that makes sense - I know it's largely subliminal and definitely not noticable, but I'd be shocked if I've lost any more than 1lb this week.

Still, I shall plod on!

Am going to have a mass tidy of the flat now.

Hope you've all had good weekends,

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

and the beat goes on!

Still here, still on WW, still feeling good.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I bought a WW pedometer on Wednesday. I've had it on me constantly and have managed to rack up 20 Activity Points already! I'm not so sure how accurate it is, so I'm taking a point off each time it displays it (so on Thursday I did 9pts, so I put down 8) so I have a more stable idea of what I'm doing.

Still, it's very encouraging to see the distance I am walking - no wonder I was so tired before, I had no idea I was walking that much.

We've reached a bit of a conundrum in terms of where we're going to be living come May. My boyfriend has tried to get a transfer to the store in my city but his store are unlikely to let him go, which really means I'm going to have to move to his town. That is fine, I've got no issue with that, it's just finding somewhere that is a) cheap and b) not totally run down. We looked at a flat yesterday which was huge but SO dated, and you could just tell problems would arise from the 50yr old cooker! I'm meeting my Dad in April and my boyfriend's dad said he'd help out if we got stuck so that is good to know.

I've decided I'm going to start looking for a part time job; my energy levels are much better and I think I would feel a trillion times better if I was working rather than sitting around. I might give it a month and see how I feel in a month because usually when I embark on some form of exercise it takes a while to catch up with me. I'm sleeping much better although I'm hideously tired when I wake up.

Anyway, the last couple of days I've stuck religiously to my points and tried to get enough of them in, which I'm still finding hard. Yesterday was a bit of a difficult day as I was away from home at my boyfriend's parents but I woke up so late after breakfast that I missed it and just had a ham salad for lunch. By 7pm I'd only had 6pts so I was starving (and feeling light headed) so had a Sainsburys BGTY curry which was nice and a WW naan bread (which was reduced and nice too, I stuck the other one in the freezer) - I also managed to pick up a reduced WW pizza to try, which is in the freezer as well.

I hope you're all having good weekends so far, I'm going over to Mum's for a couple of days today so am going to spend a little while planning what I'm going to have just in case I can't get online. Mum is cooking a roast tomorrow but I'll bring over my Quorn pepper steaks and have it with veg and fry light potatoes. I'll get told off for being awkward but there we go ;)

Happy Slimming =)


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

heyho campers

Hello slimmers!

I'm having a bit of a Backstreet Boys binge at the moment - as you know my Mum moved house at the weekend and I've been helping her shift stuff around, and we found my ancient CD's from 1996 - I was utterly obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and later Westlife, so we had a good ol' chuckle to the dulcet tones of both. I'm so pleased my Mum has moved, she seems so much more positive since getting out of the crappy relationship.

Anyway, it was weigh in today and I really had no expectations of what it would be - I felt like I had lost a bit but I've had so many other things on my mind that although I was tracking everything, I wasn't going mental and focusing it all the time (hence the termination of the daily updates!).

I lost 5lbs, which I am absolutely thrilled with! I said I would be happy with 2lbs as it would get my my first stone but to get five was amazing :) My friend at the meetings always likes to know how I've done and we had a good old chat this morning, so HELLO if you're reading this! (I know she did last week!)

I also bought a pedometer as I'd like to know how much steps/Activity Points I've done over the day. So far I've managed 4.5pts, but I think it would be more than that as I managed to reset the damn thing about 1.5 miles into my walk! Doh! I'd done about 4000 steps before that too! I'm just going to put it down as 4.5pts and not worry about it too much, I don't eat my Activity Points anyway.

After WI I walked the 2 miles to my Mum's in the sunshine (thankfully it was still out at midday!) and grabbed a chicken breast subway on the way for lunch, a little treat! When I got there I found out they were leaving soon anyway, so I had my lunch and had a chat with my Mum, brother and uncle before they went to the solicitors. Me and my Auntie went into town.

Can you believe a Cafe Latte Primo (skimmed milk) from Costa Coffee (and I'm going to big them up because I love them and worked for them for a year!) is only 0.5pts? I couldn't! It tasted exactly the same! So we had one of those, then we stopped by Next and typical of me, I found a top I liked (polka dot, of course) which was a steal at £12, so got that. I picked up a size 20 but it's a generous cut and a little big. I could always wear it with a belt anyway, so when it gets bigger it's no big deal.

We stopped off at Morrisons so I could pick some food up and I managed to get two new things - Peppersteaks from Quorn (as advised by Lisa, our leader) and some Eat Smart sausages; I've tried the ones from Tesco's which are really nice so we'll see if these cut the mustard! I'm not sure what to have for dinner at all, I've got too much choice!

Anyway, yesterday I was a bit naughty and didn't eat all my points - I think I managed about 20pts out of 27pts but I've never been a huge eater (just drinker, haha) which is really bad - does anyone have any advice for bumping points up? I'm not too keen on using my extra points for fatty foods, but I suppose I could stick a bit more oil in things like a stir fry.

I've got a whopping 16pts to use up for the rest of the day - I think I'm going to have some sausages and home made chips with peas!

I hope you're all having a good week.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

start of a new chapter

Not necessarily for me, but for my lovely Mum. I'm not going to go into too much detail here as the other person involved really isn't worth it but my Mum has been shoved out of her home thanks to her wanker partner who just got bored and now she's virtually homeless - but some old family friends are letting them stay in their Dad's house until she can find something.

I've spent the last couple of days helping her move home and shift boxes around - lots of activity points earned and this morning I walked from my flat to her house (2.2miles) in under 45 minutes, not very fast at all but my legs were heavy!

Anyway. Weigh in is tomorrow and I have no idea what the scales will read - at the moment the WiiFit is showing 18st 3 or 4lbs, but usually it's about 2lbs out so I reckon I may have lost 3lbs this week, probably 2lbs. A loss is a loss. after all! So we'll see tomorrow.

The last couple of days I've stuck religiously to points, and in some cases like yesterday I haven't eaten nearly enough points but I find if I have a big lunch then I'm usually not hungry. Naughty really, but I honestly don't want to eat if I'm not hungry! My activity hasn't been as strong as it was in the second week, mainly as I've been sorting out stuff with Mum but once that has blown over I'm going to get back to doing WiiFit and EA Active which I've neglected for the last couple of days! Naughty me.

I've still got 9pts to use today and I don't honestly see myself using them, maybe I'll have one of those coffee drink thingys to use up a point or two. I've done a lot of walking and lifting today so am feeling very very tired!

I'm not going to breakdown my points for the last couple days as I'll get shouted at for not eating enough points! In fairness I've been really stressed this last week and when I'm feeling under the kosh I tend to go into starvation mode, not good, but it's a habit I need to get out of.

I hope you've all had a good start to the week and are looking forward to your weigh-ins!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

the last few days!

I've been so exhausted that I've been falling asleep major early and just zoning out!

I'm not going to give breakdown on all my points for the last 3 days apart from;

Wed: 25.5pts/27
Thurs: 15pts/27 (I wasn't very well and was busy over dinnertime)
Friday: 25pts/27
Saturday (so far): 13pts/27pts

I fell asleep earlier hence why I've not eaten much today, I have just had a WW bar but am not overly hungry at the moment. I've got a chesty cough and cold thanks to my boyfriend (I love him really) so am feeling a bit blergh.

I've managed to total up 12 Activity points since Wednesday, thanks to a lot of walking and Wii Fitting, but I've been told to take it easy as falling asleep before 8pm does not make a very good social life!

I'm watching Titanic at the moment. Can you believe Kate Winslet was 21 when this was made, DiCaprio 22? Leo looks young but Kate looks older, I think - possibly because of the character she was cast as. I remember seeing this at the cinema, with people sniffing and sobbing throughout - alternating between sighing about Leo DiCaprio - I think I was the only girl in the cinema that wasn't obsessed with him!

Anyway, I have a major busy day tomorrow - Mum is moving house so I'm going to be earning some BP's shifting things about all day!

Hope you've all had a good weekend so far and are staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

the one with the second weigh in.

Hello - boy am I glad it's coming up to spring! I absolutely love the sunshine and there is nothing I like more than going for a nice walk with the sun coming up!

I was a total lamer last night and I went upstairs to read my magazine at half 7, intending to just get an hours rest before doing some more WiiFit but I fell asleep >.< Whoopsy! Needless to say I woke up about 4am and got up at half past, dithered around for a bit watching some rubbish early morning television and went for a walk at half six. Except (obviously) they hadn't opened the gates to the garden, so I ended up firstly cutting short my 30-40 minute walk (depending on my level of fatigue) and going through the cathedral. Then I decided, hey, why don't I walk the way I did the other day, that'll add an extra 15 mins, so I did! Ended up doing 45 mins of walking in the early morning sunshine!

I do have a question though - I estimate my walking pace to be gentle - it's not slow but certainly not brisk, but whenever I put in 45 mins of walking in, it comes up with 3.5pts! Surely that can't be right? I'm sure when I went to the gym I only ever earnt 4pts and I worked hella harder than that! Instead, I used the input activity box and put that I'd done 45 mins at low intensity - 3pts still!

Anyway, I ended up killing time before my weigh in; pottered around on the WW boards, then went into the city to have my fringe trimmed, dropped off some books at the library and had a cuppa at Starbucks in the sunshine.

I was early to WI as I couldn't wait any longer - Lisa was away this week and we had a lovely stand in leader called Louise (I think?). I had a chat with the girl who does the WW sales desk (I don't know her name, must find that out) and then stepped on the scales....

....4lbs! I was sort of hoping it would be 5lbs as that would be a stone but then I realised that was a silly thing to think as 1 stone in 2 weeks is insane. I now have half a pound till my first stone so hoping that'll be next week!

Bought some WW Toffee Bars (a tip - to make them last longer, pop them in the fridge, they end up nice and crunchy and I think more satisfying!) and then wandered around town for a bit. Was a bit disappointed as I tried on a size 22 skirt in a charity shop and it didn't fit, then tried on a size 24 in shorts and they fell down! I don't think my body can make it's mind up. As a general rule I'm wearing 20-22.

Oh, I forgot to do my breakdown of yesterday, so here goes it!

Breakfast: same as the previous two days, plus a Cappucino at starbucks = 4.5pts

Lunch: 3 mini pittas - 3pts, wafer thin ham - 1pt, mayo - 1.5pts, Walkers FF - 1.5pts and 1 apple = 7.5pts

Dinner: 70g of wholemeal pasta - 3pts, 200g of EL steak mince - 4.5pts, tom and chilli sauce - 1.5pts, cheese triangle (I was starving) - 0.5pts and a WW bar - 1.5pts = (a whopping) 11pts

Snacks: 1 pink n white - 0.5pts, minestrone slim a soup - 1pts = 1.5pts

TOTAL: 24.5pts/27pts
Activity: 35 min walk - 3pts, Aerobics (15min) - 1.5pts = 4.5pts

Hope you all are having fabulous weeks and good luck to those weighing in!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Morning campers!

Hey my lovelies.

I didn't update yesterday as I was so, so tired! We ended up going to bed around 8:30pm, we are so rock and roll! I also had a bit of a wobble yesterday, which I'll outline below.

Hope you all had a good Monday and looking forward to your weigh in's :)

I bought a Wii Fit + yesterday, and alongside a very early morning walk (about 6:30am) I did about half an hour of different aerobics exercises on both that an the EA Active thingy, which I got thrown in. It's good fun but the lunges, my goodness, my legs ached this morning!

Anyway, breakdown for Sunday:

Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast - 2.5pts, 1 cheese triangle - 0.5pts and grapefruit - 0.5pts = 3.5pts

Lunch: wafer ham - 1pts, 3 mini pitta breads - 3pts, mayo - 1.5pts, walkers french fries - 1.5pts = 7pts

Dinner: chicken - 5pts, tsp of sesame oil - 1pt, honey and mustard dressing - 0.5pts = 6.5pts

Snacks: 1 pink n white - 0.5pts and WW Chocolate bar - 1.5pts = 2pts

TOTAL: 19pts/27pts (really bad, but I just wasn't hungry!)

Breakdown for Monday:

Breakfast: (same as Sunday) - 3.5pts

Lunch: here is where it gets annoying. We decided to go to Nando's for lunch, and I picked the caeser salad at 6.5pts. I didn't realise the chicken would be an extra 3.5pts. The salad came with a bollock load of dressing on it, I didn't think to ask without but the Eat Out guide said all salads are pointed as sold, so I figured that was okay. I also had peri peri sauce on my chicken so I pointed the entire meal at 12pts just in case. But I left a bit of the salad and couldn't enjoy it :(

Dinner: I didn't, basically! Wasn't hungry, too worried about lunch so just had a WW Chocolate bar = 1.5pts

Snacks: Pink n White - 0.5pts

TOTAL: 17.5pts/27pts (earnt 5.5 activity points too)

Very naughty of me not to eat in the evening but I genuinely wasn't hungry possibly because I'd panicked!

Anyway, I'm about to go and grab some breakfast and then do some writing I think!

Happy Slimming =)


Sunday, 14 March 2010

tea and cakes (minus the cake)

Hey all, hope you've all had a pleasant weekend.

I was up ridiculously early this morning, owing to the fact I had slept for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. I think I woke up around the time it started to get lightish outside, so around 5:30am! I had a cup of green tea (I'm preferring this to bog standard tea at the moment) and then went for an early morning walk around the backstreets of Norwich, I was a bit apprehensive as I realised there wouldn't be a lot of people about and some of my route took me in small alleys but I was psyched up.

I came back and had some breakfast then played on the Sims 3 for a bit. My Sim wants to be a composer, usually I make them chefs or something but thought I'd do something a bit more creative this time! Then....F1!!! I did my usual trick and only kept one eye on it whilst I was chatting on the WW boards but it was a pretty good race, unsurprisingly Ferrari won (1-2) after Vettel had mechanical issues. Jenson didn't get podium and was 7th I think eventually.

I had some lunch and then pottered around for a bit before being picked up to go to my brothers for afternoon tea - I was armed with my green tea bags and we got there - Kat (my SIL) had laid on a spread with cakes and cookies and crisps! I could have quite easily accounted for a cupcake today but I just decided I'd feel to guilty if I did so stuck to my tea. Everyone else was telling me to have one but I stayed stoic! Even Mum commented that I seem really determined this time which really helped me stay focused.

We stayed there for a good couple of hours and then I came back and cooked my dinner - chicken salad as I wasn't that hungry and really fancied a salad. So here I am, armed with another green tea and some squash typing away! I'll probably go upstairs to read for a bit in a short while as I'm pretty shattered. But first, yesterdays breakdown (the boring bit):

Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal bread - 2.5pts, 3 bacon medallions - 1.5pts, 2 tbsp of ketchup - 0.5pts = 4.5pts

Lunch: Prawns - 2pts, LF Mayo - 1.5pts, pitta bread - 3pts and cup of minestrone slim and soup -1pt = 7.5pts

Dinner: 3 extra lean sausages (Sainsburys, and very nice!) - 3.5pts, potatoes - 4pts, reduced salt/sugar beans - 2pts, tomato ketchup - 0.5pts and WW Chocolate Swirl Pot - 1.5pts = 11.5pts

Snacks: 1 Pink n White - 0.5pts
TOTAL: 24pts/27pts (no exercise today)

I'll do todays breakdown tomorrow, even though I'm done for the day. I also saw my bridesmaid dress for my brother and SIL's wedding - I wanted to try it on but was told to wait a couple of months so it can be altered! I'm determined to not look as chubby when they get married! :o)

Anyway, I'm going to finish this cuppa, have a poke around the WW forums and go to read upstairs.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there, and a big huge hug and kiss for my wonderful Mummy who I love so so much xxx

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

empire state of mind

I've been listening to that a lot today, not sure why other than I love love love Alicia Keys!

I was such a lame ass last night - Rob came over and had something to eat and I fell asleep on the sofa at about half eight - whoops! I definitely need to learn when to take it easy and when to rest rather than trying to be on the go all the time.

So! F1 started today and boy it looks good. Sad that my main man isn't on pole or even close, but I think Button's decision to go to McLaren wasn't the best idea anyway, so we shall see. I'm not really fussed who wins this year as long as Schumacher doesn't - I think he's a great driver and all that, but I'd really rather someone else won.

Yesterday was an okay day - I don't feel like I've lost anything this week - last week I could feel myself smaller (probably all psychological) but this week I feel a bit bloated and stuff, so I may cut out carbs (even though the only ones I eat are potatoes, wholemeal bread and occasional pasta) and see how I feel. I know it's not advisable but I honestly feel better when I'm eating salads and stuff, and at the moment I seem to prefer them.

Anyway, here is yesterdays breakdown:

Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast - 2.5pts, 1 egg - 1.5pts, Flora - 0.5pts and skimmed milk 0.5pts = 5pts

Lunch: 3 mini pitta - 3pts, ham - 1pt, mayo - 1.5pts, W's French Fries - 1.5pts and Mikado chocolate sticks - 0.5pts = 7.5pts

Dinner: chicken - 4pts, rice noodles - 2pts, teriyaki sauce - 2pts, 1 tsp of sesame oil - 1pt and stir fry veg - 0pts = 9pts

Snacks: Fruities - 0.5pts, cheese triangle - 0.5pts and WW Toffee Bar - 1.5pts - 2.5pts

TOTAL: 24pts/27pts - Activity - 35min of gentle walking - 3pts

So there we have it! I also haven't had a drink in a week, something that is almost unprecedented for me, and I don't really miss it.

Hope you're all having good weekends

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB x

Friday, 12 March 2010

f1 is back, baby!

You have no idea how happy this makes me - I love F1; the sport I can participate least in (ha, but it's not that reason) - My Dad always used to watch it when we were kids, I grew up with the neewwwwaa sounds on the television on a Sunday and when my Dad left Mum, I carried on the F1 watching. I used to watch Friday's practice, Saturdays qualifying and the race itself, and then the highlights :sad: I'm watching Friday practice now; c'mon Jenson! I have a rather big crush on this man, in fact, it's about the only crush I do have beyond Rob ;o)

Anyway, enough of my crushes. I was so, so tired last night - I actually went up to bed at half seven! I read for a bit and then drifted off by the time I had a missed call at half eight, but boy I needed that.

Yesterdays breakdown as follows:

Breakfast: 1/4 pint of skimmed milk - 0.5pts, egg, toast and flora - 4.5pts = 5pts

Lunch: Chicken breast 6" subway (no cheese) on wheat - 4.5pts and an apple - 1pt (I pointed this up as I nicked one of Rob's chips from McDs!) = 5.5pts

Dinner: 400g potatoes - 4.5pts, 3 LF sausages from Sainsburys (which were really nice) - 3.5pts, mustard - 0pts, tbsp of peas - 0.5pts, tomato ketchup - 0.5pts = 9pts

Snacks: Fruities - 0.5pts, WW Toffee Bar - 1.5pts and Mikado chocolate sticks - 0.5pts = 2.5pts

TOTAL: 22pts/27pts (saved 3)

I didn't do any "formal" exercise yesterday apart from walking around town.

I also took my measurements yesterday - how bloody depressing was that! It was a real shock to compare mine to Rob (who is perfectly sized, and a bloke!) :o(

Arm: 14.5"
Waist: 46.5"
Hips: 53.5" (ouch, my tummy flab was in the way!)
Thigh: 31.5" (about the same size as a small girls waist!)
Bust (underneath): 42.5"
Bust: 48.5"
Neck: 16.2"

I'm going to measure every month I think, see what the results are.

Today I woke up early (6am) and watched a bit of the first F1 session, then had some breakfast and had a walk. 35 minutes - 3pts. I also bumped into the various questionable men who were drinking Special Brew at 10am in the morning :o/ I then got barked at by a stray dog (I couldn't see his owner anywhere) and my legs felt tired, which annoyed me a bit.

I'm going to tidy the flat today and watch a movie I think later on, maybe have a read too :o)

Hope you're having a feel good Friday!

Happy Slimming =)


Thursday, 11 March 2010

the day after the one before.

Hello :)

So! It's been a full week on WW and I feel great, I have to say. Yesterday was a brilliant day and I was feeling so positive; I'm a pretty positive person anyway but I'd forgotten what it felt like to have a bit of luck behind me. Of course, that's totally dried up today as stupid vodafone have taken a whopping £80 out of my bank account that I had reserved for other more important things (I'd forgotten to pay last months when my banks were switching over and so was double charged!) but it's not the end of the world.

Yesterday I was a bit bad food wise, in that I didn't eat enough! I honestly wasn't that hungry, and when it came to dinner time I really had to push myself to put the oven on and cook some salmon, which I had with salad. I must get into a habit of eating all my points otherwise two things will happen (possibly): 1) weight will come off too quickly/plataeu = bad and 2) when my points drop as I lose weight, I will find it hard to get used to the drop. Anyway, break down for yesterday was as follows:

Breakfast: Here's where I was naughty - I had a WW Toffee bar = 1.5pts and 1/4pint of skimmed milk allocated for the day = 0.5pts = 2pts

This was totally on the go as I had the Sky man here and I was chomping mouthfuls whilst answering questions, not very relaxing! 3 Mini Pitta Breads = 3pts, prawns - 2pts, 2 tbsp of light mayo - 1.5pts and Walkers french fries - 1.5pts = 8pts

I really wasn't hungry so just had a salad but bumped it up with balsamic vingear for points. Fillet of salmon - 4pts, salad bits (lettuce and tomato) - 0pts, 3 tbsp of balsamic vingear - 2pts, honey and mustard dressing - 0.5pts, WW Vanilla Creamed Rice - 1.5pts and very naughtily had another WW Double chocolate bar - 1.5pts = 9.5pts

Anytime: 1 Caramel Snack a Jack - 1pt and 1 Pink n White - 0.5pts = 1.5pts

TOTAL: 21pts out of 27pts.
In fairness I didn't do much exercise apart from walking.

Today has been a bit harder as Rob is off - we've been babysitting my brothers kitten for the morning as they needed to decorate the house, but she was so scared! The washing machine was going like the clappers and she looked petrified.

We then popped into the city as I needed to pay some money into my account to make sure it didn't go overdrawn (which it did anyway, by the total of 84p!) and buy our Mum's some cards for Sunday. Rob was hungry so he got a McDonalds; before you think he's a great big tease, I told him he could ;) It didn't bother me at all really, I had a diet coke and we sat outside, I nicked a small chip which I pointed (0.5pts!) just in case. I then decided I wanted something to eat so we went home via Subway where I had a chicken breast wheat 6" sub minus the cheese (4.5pts) and Rob ate a cookie, heh! Stopped off at Tescos and picked up a couple of bits (plus Slimming World magazine, not that I'm thinking of going over to the "dark side" as they call it on the WW forums, I was just intrigued!) and now we're home. I've just munched on an apple and Rob is strangely watching the shopping channel. Oddness!

Sorry for the epic entry, my fingers seem to be running away with me!

Hope you are all having a good week :)

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

first weigh in and the results!

Looks yummy doesn't it ;) I had my weigh in today - I woke up waaay too early as I couldn't sleep, so trekked down to Sainsburys to buy some food and carried two 3kg bags back, I was knackered! I had a quick drink and then went to my weigh in.


....9.5lbs :shockedface:

I couldn't believe it - I saw the scales hit 18st 13lbs and I was just open mouthed, although at that point I hadn't worked out the maths. Then my lovely leader just went "wow". So I've earnt my first silver seven! I stayed for the meeting like I plan to each time and she asked us all whether we'd had good weeks, but I didn't want to sound as if I was showing off as I know a lot of people struggle so I kept quiet, and then she asked me how much I'd lost! I went a curious shade of red!

Then, to top off an amazing weigh in, I won the raffle - £11 to spend on WW goodies :0) Ironically enough my leader asked me to pick out the two names, and I managed to pick out myself :facepalm: I told her to put it back but they insisted that I took it! I had already bought a tape measure and some toffee bars, so I spent the £11 on two track books, some fruities and the double chocolate bars.

After that I met my Mum, and realised I'd not eaten anything since the evening before so quickly snarfed a toffee bar (delish!) before going to do a bit of shopping in town. My phone then proceeded to die, and as I hate that phone anyway, Mum gave me her mobile (my old mobile that I loved) and she switched to her old phone. So yay, I have my beloved phone back :)

We went back to mine and I made some lunch, and then the Sky man turned up! They were supposed to let me know so I had a mouth full of pitta and prawns talking to him on the intercom. Anyway, it's all sorted now apart from the fact I don't have a second satelitte signal so I need to buy some costly box to filter it. Maybe I'll buy it when I've achieved a mini goal :o)

I best put those photos up, no more messing around! Tomorrow I'll put my measurements up as I'll get Rob to do it with me tomorrow.

So this is front, side and rear aspect ;) I never realised how pregnant I looked!

Tomorrow I'll update with today's points, but I've dropped a point now to 27 so we'll see how I get on.

Happy Slimming!

Missyb =)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

step by step!

For anybody born in the 1980's (providing it wasn't the last three years), you should just about remember the wonder of New Kids on the Block. I remember my Auntie buying me an annual and a cassette for my birthday which I wore out.

We bought Just Dance today on the Wii - it's great fun, but ultimately quite disappointing - there isn't a career mode and it's obviously just a game to play with friends, but we only have two controllers, and none of our friends have Wii's! Anyway, there is a song by the above called Step By Step which I've been binging on via Spotify, because it reminds me of being a kid :o)

Anyway, Rob was over last night and we spent the day together today. I find it hard and easy in equal measures when I have someone round (Mum, brother & SIL, friends etc) - if I can plan ahead (which I do most of the time) it's okay as I can incorporate meals into the daily routine. But sometimes said friends and family eat food that is tempting (Rob for instance, ate cheese this morning, my massive love) and I find it hard. So far I've resisted even the smallest amount of cheese. *\o/*

Anyway, I feel again like I've eaten tonnes. I keep checking and rechecking to make sure I'm not going over my points as dinner in particular was h-u-g-e. Anyway, here is a breakdown of today:

Breakfast: 1 slice of wholemeal toast (with no spread) - 1pt, 1/4 pint of skimmed milk - 0.5pts and two mikado chocolate sticks - 0.5pts = 2pts

Lunch: chicken, grilled - 3pts, honey and mustard dressing - 0.5pts, lettuce, tomato and onion - 0pts, WW pitta bread - 1.5pts, WW Banoffee dessert - 3pts = 8pts

Dinner: extra lean steak mince - 4.5pts, potatoes made into wedges and baked in oven - 4pts, tomato & chilli sauce - 1.5pts, tomato ketchup - 0.5pts, fry light - 0.5pt (I didn't spray that much, but I just prefer to point in case), 1 snack a jack - 1pt = 12pts

Pink n White - 0.5pts

TOTAL: 23pts/28pts (banked 3 for tomorrow)

Activity - about half an hour on the Wii and a bit of walking.


I did take a picture of my dinner, plus some full length photos of me; ergh. I don't look so bad from the front but from the side I look positively pregnant.

Anyway, weigh in tomorrow, at 10:30am. Then I have the Sky man coming (I ordered Sky, heh) and I can plan food for the next week ahead :o)

Hope you've all had a good day.

Happy slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Monday, 8 March 2010

eating loads and paranoia.

So, as the title says - I feel like I've eaten a small house today. I'll write it down and let you make your mind up whether I've gone way over my points as I'm paranoid I have!

Breakfast: 2 eggs (3pts), 1/2 pint of milk (1pt), 1 slice of wholemeal bread (1pt), tomato ketchup (0.5pts) = 5.5pts

Lunch: 2 WW pitta breads (3pts), 10 slices of wafer thin ham (1pt), mayo (1.5pts), 2 cheese triangles (1pt), Walkers French Fries (1.5pts) and an apple (0.5pts) = 8.5pts

Dinner: Butternut squash (made into chips with fry light) - (0pts), chicken (4pts), 1 tsp of OO (1pt), pasta (3pts), balsamic vinegar (0.5pts), chopped tomatoes (0.5pts) and a snack a jack (1pt) = 10pts

I also had a lemon slice (1pt) and some sugar free jelly (0pt) which brings my total today - 25.5pts


Anyway, enough of that. If anyone can advise as to whether I've just eaten a million points, please let me know!

I went for a longish walk this morning with my iPod playing a selection of upbeat tunage. I have decided to join the gym too, as I find it really motivates me and spurs me on!

As I write my boyfriend is sitting here with his caeser salad with salami and garlic bread....and it smells so damned good! I am feeling a bit weak today so I shouldn't imagine it'll be long before I dive into bed and fall asleep! Wednesday is weigh in and I just want to get the first week over and done with so I can say I survived...heh.

Hope you've all had a good Monday.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

hello lovelies!

Hello lovely ladies and gents (if I have any gent readers) :)

Yesterday was a good day; Rob was over and we went for a walk around town just poodling about. We went for a drink (Rob cider, me tea) at our favourite place and then went for lunch at Pizza Express! (!!!) - I was armed with my Eat Out book and had the Pollo Vendure salad with dressing and doughsticks (7.5pts) and a small glass of wine (2pts) - I also had a tiny bit of Rob's pizza (he happened to have my favourite, meanie!) so counted that as 2pts too. So lunch for 11.5pts and was lovely indeed!

I had an omelette for breakfast and noodles for dinner then zonked out about 8pm, I was so tired after my dinner!

Today being Sunday is usually the day my Mum comes over to visit and we usually cook something like risotto or roast dinner - today I decided to do her a WW receipe so we did prawn, pea and smoked salmon pasta and it was lovely! We also had a pot of ice cream from WW for dessert which was very indulgent and I also had a lemon slice from the eat smart section in Morrisons - only 1pt! I had two slices of wholemeal bread and some spread for breakfast which was 2.5pts. Tonight I'm going to have some baked oven chips (4pts), chicken (3.5pts) and some beans, so should be well within my points.

We also went for an ambling walk by the cathedral with Alfie (Mum's dog) which was nice as the sun was shining, so I think we will do that more often, although my back is killing me now!

I hope you've all had good weekends, I'm nervous and excited about my weigh in on Wednesday!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx