Wednesday, 7 July 2010

i am still alive!

Although I have not been on track in any sense of the world. I seem to have lost and gained the same 6lbs over the last month, but I think I'm at the higher end of the 15's now - sad face!

I've only got myself to blame, so I'm not going to sit here and bumble on about work, or moving, or any of that old shite. It's me putting the crap food into my mouth therefore it is my fault entirely!

I have my points calculator and whilst my internet is pretty dodgy I should be able to stay on track. I still have my points tracker book so I can have a look over my old one for ideas - I'm going to try and stick to my points (as in not eat too little) and try new recipes too.

I will weigh myself on the Boots scales tomorrow for a semi accurate reading, they are usually the same as the scales at WI - ironically last week they said 15st 2lbs! I very much doubt they will be anywhere near now!

Hope you are all fairing better than me!

Happy Slimming,

Missyb xxx

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  1. I think you're allowed a little blip young lady because lets be honest your other 'blips' have been rubbish. You've still lost weight incredibly fast and I'm sure it'll continue! Good luck getting back on track :) xx