Monday, 24 September 2012

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Monday, 21 February 2011

first week WI

I stuck to points religiously all week, did plenty of exercise in the form of walking (over 30ppts worth) and cut out bread which I do occasionally. I lost....


Very chuffed with that! I was a bit confused as my home scales had me down as 16st 2.5lbs (which would have been a loss of 7.5lbs) but at the meeting I was 16st 4lbs. I was wiggling around on the scales so I don't know if that had something to do with it, but I'm not going to sweat it too much, see what it is next week :)

I spent the weekend with my Mum and was very good, avoiding alcohol, bread, cake etc! I met up with my friend Ash who I'd not seen for nearly a year and we had a fab afternoon/evening of drinking (coffee in her case, green tea in mine) and generally having a giggle.

I had a lovely meal from M&S from the Count on Us range - Tomato Chicken with Basil Mash for 8ppts - makes a lovely dinner and with veg is really filling :)

I didn't do much in the way of walking yesterday as we had a busy day of carrying boxes and seeing my brother, but did some more today. I'm going to crack out the Davina DVD tomorrow for the rest of the week too.

I'll hope to pop back midweek (or maybe before!) for a wee update.

Happy Slimming =)


Thursday, 17 February 2011

tale of woe

well well well.

As I'm sure you can tell by my absence, I went a bit AWOL. Fortunately I *think* I am back, but I am not putting too much pressure on myself this time round.

I decided to go back to meetings - the discipline of weighing in with other people I think has always been the secret to my (limited) success, plus the support of meetings and learning new skills regarding weight loss and exercise. I am now weighing in on a Monday right on my doorstep - it's not the same as my old meeting which is a shame, but the important thing is the leader is good.

I put on 10lbs of the 11.5lbs I lost over the course of a month, through comfort eating, feeling low and ill, and not doing enough exercise. I stopped doing my daily walk and I stopped tracking, as well as making absolutely shiteous choices for food. Rob has put on about half a stone since Christmas too, I think we're both feeling a bit rubbish this winter - he's gone to the doctors to get a new set of tablets as his were not working, and I generally feel a bit crummy.

My starting weight is 16st 10lbs. My 10% is 15st 0.5lbs which is my lowest weight with WW, but my first goal is to get into the 15's again. For some reason I could never crack the 14's, I always got lax before I got there (my lowest weight was 15st 2lbs last summer) but I want to be slimmer than that for the summer because I felt comfortable(ish) in my skin.

During my period of non-WWing, I went to the hospital to have a scan on my ovaries. I suffer from PCOS and I thought about six months ago it had improved as I started to get semi-regular periods. Since putting on a stone and a half they've disappeared again, so I wondered whether Metformin would be good to help me regulate my periods and help with weight loss. Anyway, the scan showed alot of cysts so the doctor was happy to put me on it. I started taking it yesterday (1 tablet a day, to increase week by week) so we'll see how it works.

So far this is my third day on WW since the restart (Monday when I weighed in, I just had loads to eat and actually weighed in at 16st 11lbs on the Tuesday) but seem to have lost about 4lbs since Tuesday. Obviously a lot of that is water weight and just the first week loss, but it would be nice to have a big figure for the first week, so we'll see.

I hope you are all doing well and sorry for abandoning you :(

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

week 3 weigh in result

Hello lovelies. Weighed in this morning - wasn't expecting much as I had a SP yesterday and it was showing that I would STS this week after a few days of excess for my birthday at the end of last week.

I lost 2lbs! Am really chuffed with that as I didn't expect it - I am now 16st 0.5lbs and have lost 11.5lbs since I started just before New Year.

I bought "I Can Make You Thin" by Paul McKenna from a cheapy book store in town yesterday - whilst it goes against the principle of Weight Watchers in that it encourages you to eat whatever you want, as long as you take it slow and enjoy the mouthful, I thought it may be a tidy investment for 90p (plus the CD!) :D I read about 100 pages yesterday and am already challenging myself - listening to my body to when I'm hungry rather than eating for the sake of conventional times (breakfast lunch dinner for example). I thought I'd give it a chance anyway.

I also bought 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels yesterday off Amazon for £4.99. I've heard it is the hardest work out DVD there is on the market so I'm not holding out much hope of being able to switch it on, never mind get through a workout, but maybe when I'm fitter it will help tone up and lose some extra pounds. At the moment I'm doing walking and a bit of a yoga in the morning, which is good (over 30 mins of exercise) it's not really cardio and isn't going to be losing much in the way of inches. I'm going to see if I did indeed bring the Davina McCall DVD back with me when I moved and I may give it a go this morning.

In other news I have a busy day - I've got to go and pick up some Avon books and deliver another batch before the order is due in next week. This is my first campaign and at the moment I've not had much luck :( Fingers crossed! Tomorrow I've got to pick some more up which I delivered on Monday. Hope you all have wonderful days and good luck to those weighing in :)

Happy Slimming =)


Sunday, 16 January 2011

neglectful and being 26!

Hello all!

Long time no blog - I have, for the most part, been on track minus three days over my birthday where I just ate whatever. I didn't even post my WI weight from last week, which was -3.5lbs taking me down to 16st 2.5lbs - however I have put 3lbs on over the last few days, which may or may not come off by Wednesday (being Sunday today).

I had a great birthday and am struggling to comprehend that I am now the wrong side of my 20's and heading to 30....eek! Lots of wine was consumed as was food in general. Had some lovely presents - a dress and cardigan from Rob (in a size 16, although it's a very roomy one!) and a bag which is a satchel type which I've been after for ages. Had a bit of money too which is always handy!

I will return hopefully pronto with the damage from this weeks WI - fingers crossed it's a STS or a tiny loss!

Happy Slimming =)


Friday, 7 January 2011

the relief!

OK, so it took a bottle of wine before I could actually go, but it's gone and I'm 2lbs down, haha.

I have major guilt for drinking the bottle, despite the fact I was only four over my daily points (and have only used 4 of my weekly now) - I'm supposed to be allowed a treat and I must not make myself feel bad for it, but for some reason I can't help it. I guess because on previous WW attempts I've only ever drank wine in very small doses (and for the best part didn't drink it at all) so to drink a whole fecking bottle is a steep step. Needless to say I've felt pretty foul today!

To try and combat the hangover I went for an hours walk whereby I was convinced I was going to throw up every five minutes but once I got to the sea I felt marginally better. I picked up some veg and made some 0pp soup, but felt so sick I barely ate anything apart from two slices of Nimble toast.

Tonight we had homemade fish and chips which was quite nice - I might do it with chicken next time although it'll be more points, white fish just tastes a bit bland to me. Had a yoghurt with some apricots too and a WW chocolate slice - so overall I've had 26pps out of 36pps and earned 5 Activity Points.

Am ridiculously tired despite sleeping during the day so think I'm going to have a lie down and just relax.

Happy Slimming =)


Wednesday, 5 January 2011

the first weigh in!

Well, I stood on the scales this morning and had a loss of 6lbs - I've not lost any weight since Sunday (I've actually gained a pound) but as Rob keeps saying, I've probably got about 3lbs worth blocked up.

Still haven't been, in pain now and feeling really dizzy and sick. I guess one of the benefits of being bunged up is that you don't feel like eating much, as a result I've had 30ppts out of 36.

I was going to go for a long walk this morning to try and encourage myself to go potty but I felt so vile that I made do with walking into town (about a 1.5miles there and back) and 30 minutes on the Wii - I did yoga which made me feel a bit better so I'm going to aim to do 15 minutes of yoga each day.

Had a sausage casserole type thing for dinner - and on the advice of a couple of WW'ers I decided to boil potatoes with swede - it's really nice! I should really take photos of my food and post recipes as a lot of my menu's are just made up.

Anyway, we're watching Indiana Jones, can't believe this film is 30 years old!

Happy Slimming =)