Thursday, 30 December 2010

the one with the

Well, I'm sitting here and Rob is watching a highly questionable film, so I thought I'd do a quick update.

I woke up really early due to Rob starting work at six, and pottered around for a while drinking green tea. It's been really foggy here (and still is) so after sunrise I decided to go for a long walk along the sea front - although I couldn't see much further than about five metres in front of me which was a little scary!

I walked over to where the meeting was supposed to be held -the library was open but the meeting wasn't on - damn! Meaning I couldn't collect the ProPoints stuff - so I'm going to have to get it on Ebay.

I weighed myself this morning on what will be WI day at home, and I was 16st 12lbs. I'm probably going to go to Boots once a week too, making sure that the scales are correct - so I'll do that tomorrow and just check that I'm not like 17st 4lbs or something (cross my fingers that I'm not!).

Today I've been on ProPoints and to be honest I've not felt that different from what it felt like to be on the old Points. I had stir fry for dinner which was obviously higher in PPts than what PTS were, but then I've got more PPts to use (37). I think I'm going to calculate what the OLD points would be too, just as a guide - I don't want to be eating 25+ OLD pts a day because I don't think I'll be losing.

I'm going to give ProPoints a bash and if it doesn't work for me, I'll go back to the old points system.

Today I used 33pts of 37pts:

B: 2 Clemetines = 0ppts
Melon = 0ppts
WW Lemon cake = 2ppts

L: Morrisons French Onion Soup = 3ppts
2 Morrisons Crumpets = 5ppts
Velvet Crunch = 2ppts

D: 165g chicken breast = 5ppts
Amoy Fine Noodles (straight to wok) = 6ppts
Light Soy Sauce = 1ppts
Stir Fry veg = 1ppts
Pinapple = 0ppts
Mince Pie (eek, but I had enough left over) = 7ppts

S: 50g of smoked salmon = 2ppts

So thats 33ppts out of 37. I also earned 5 Activity Points for 1hr of walking, although I don't really take any of that into account because I haven't got the pedometer (maybe for my birthday!).

I bought a couple of Eat Smart meals from Morrisons that were half price - I've not calculated the ppts but if they are really high Rob can have them ;)

Over and out!

Happy Slimming =)


Tuesday, 28 December 2010


Well... A belated Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my readers, if I have any left?
I'd like to say I hit my 25lb target off for Christmas, but as you can imagine from my absence on my blog it was the other way - I've put ON 25lbs since the end of October - truly dreadful. I've had health problem after health problem and I've been gorging on food, doing little exercise and just being totally complacent, watching my weight sky rocket back up to nearly 17st :(

So. I only have myself to blame. Rob has on more than one occasion said to me I should stop eating xyz and my excuse was that we had parties, or we had family over, or I was stressed, or I was hungry, or or or.

A lot has changed in the last couple of months, not just my weight. We've moved into a flat by the coast which is much better than the last place we had and somewhere I can finally adjust to being home (or have so far). My M.E has gotten worse like it pretty much every winter. Money is tight because of aforementioned house move and I'm not working. Hopefully this will change in the new year.

So, Christmas is over. It's so easy to make excuses over this time of year, and I am the queen of them it seems! I decided to go to the meeting here having left my last one, but I am primarily going to do it through Esource/Online because it's cheaper. It'll be hard not having the meeting to back my up, but if our financial situation changes then I can have a look at going back to the meetings.

There is a meeting at the library at 10am, and there doesn't appear to be any announcement that it isn't on, so I will go with my tail between my legs, get weighed in, and pick up the ProPoints stuff, because I've not even TRIED it!

I hope you are all having a fun and peaceful (!!) festive period.

Happy Slimming =)