Wednesday, 16 June 2010

coming atcha.

Right. I have been totally slack the last couple of weeks, I thought I could switch to calorie counting and all I ended up doing was denying myself certain foods, which I should have known from previous experience works about as well as a chocolate teapot!

In a slight defence I have had a really hectic few weeks - I've started a new job in Gorleston and am trying to find somewhere to live with my boyfriend. Work is quite busy and it's a grab food on the go type, so I've not been eating much (if at all) and then binging when I get in to compensate. Consider the line drawn!

Two weeks ago I weighed in at 15st 11lbs after a gain of 1lb, I went to a new meeting last night locally to me and I was 15st 5lbs, so a loss of 6lbs over two weeks. I'm happy with that :)

Even though I'm on my feet all day at work I am not moving as much as I was before, so once I start getting paid regularly I will see if we have enough for me to join a gym. I could do with a bit of extra exercise and specifically ones that target certain areas as before it was just a case of a bit of running and walking everywhere.

So, I'm back, and coming atcha!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx

Thursday, 3 June 2010

oh dear!

First gain. I was expecting it as I was a total idiot the day before and ate like a pig. Something about Tuesdays. So, 1lb on. What an idiot! Am more focused this week however, so hopefully next week will be a loss!

Happy slimming =)

Missyb xxx