Saturday, 23 October 2010

losing 4lbs and possibly putting it all back on...hmph.

Well, I lost 4lbs at WI - taking me down to 15st 4lbs (so lowest recorded WW weight), but Thursday and Friday's eating was absolutely awful - I cannot even begin to imagine how much I drank or ate. So the Wii is saying I've put that all back on, marvellous :(

I only have myself to blame and I'm going to have to restrict like hell just to get a STS, never mind a loss. I am so stupid!

Hope you are all fairing better,

Happy Slimming =)


Tuesday, 19 October 2010

twas the night before

As a general rule, I usually try and eat light before WI the following morning. I'm not sure where this came about; whether it was a conscious decision to do so or whether I'd read other people did it on the boards, but usually I'll eat my main meal at lunchtime and then a snacky lunch at dinner time. Today I didn't get that opportunity and I feel all out of sorts! I ended up having sausages with mash and veg, and quite a lot of it :facepalm: - all within points (in fact I have 7pts left over and it's 8:30pm) of course but still. I suppose if I'd stuck with what I was originally going to do and have a salad and then another salad, I'd be way under points, which although was myth busted at last weeks meeting, still isn't good.

I weighed myself on the scales at Boots today as my home scales were showing a highly unlikely 15st 4lbs (denoting a loss of 4lbs this week) - seems they were near enough, Boots has me down as 15st 4lbs (although I discredit it slightly as it put me a whole inch shorter than I am in height, so god knows!).

Would be absolutely amazing to lose 4lbs or even 5lbs for tomorrow - my lowest recorded weight at WW was 15st 4lbs about three months ago before I gained 10lbs so it'll have me right down there. Unofficially I got down to 15st 2lbs (a little less I think as the home scales are about a pound above normal) but I'm not going to think of that, and concentrate on trying to crack the 14's within the next couple of weeks - I think my idea of cracking it before Guy Fawkes was a bit ambitious.

It's quite funny - when I got down to this weight in the summer, I felt slim (or slimmish) - I don't have that feeling at the moment, I still am unhappy with what I look at and I still can't notice a huge difference. Still, the scales moving downwards is all good, however much by.

I hope you are all having luck with you WI's this week and stick with it!

Happy Slimming =)

-missyb- x

Saturday, 16 October 2010

just a little catch up.

Still on plan, am trying not to get too obsessed like I was last time so filling my time with exercise and a lot of reading!

I think I am a couple of pounds down from the last weigh in weight, Wii says 15st 6lbs but that's about a reliable as a chocolate teapot, so we'll see.

I took a couple of photos of me at 15st 8lbs, I think it's always good to have a diary of pictures for this journey.

Hope you all have a brilliant weekend, and are staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

WI numero uno.

So, we've been back from town for a bit and I've just been updating things and checking bank accounts and what not, pleased to see that I will be getting paid for the 10 hours I worked before I had to leave my last job. That will come in very handy indeed!

I lost 6lbs, so am pretty chuffed with that. I am down to 15st 8lbs so roughly what I was about two months ago, give or take a couple of pounds. Am hoping to perhaps lose 3-4lbs next week so I can be back to what I was before I stopped going to WW (although my lowest recorded weight was 15st 2lbs) - cannot wait to get into the 14's, I truly cannot remember the last time I was in them, certainly not in my 20's!

I don't know if I mentioned it in my last entry but Lisa, my leader who is absolutely amazing, sent me a little note this week to my house telling me to "Keep Going" - I love that she does this, it's been a difficult month with one thing and another, especially not helped by the fact my M.E is pretty bad at the moment and I am struggling to do much exercise.

Anyway, week one is done and dusted :) I had an alpen bar after I weighed in and then a jacket potato from Spud U Like with Chilli Con Carne for lunch, just snacked on a pitta bread and some crabsticks and will be having prawn curry for dinner which was in this weeks Your Week.

Am going to try and relax tonight and just take some time out, even typing on the laptop is hurting my arms at the moment, something I've not felt for a long time :(

Hope you are all on track,

Happy Slimming =)

-Missyb -x-

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

weigh in tomorrow.... quite quite nervous, being my first WI since my restart. I had a sneaky peek on the scales yesterday in Boots and they had me down as 15st 8lbs which would be lovely, but then I weighed myself in different clothes today to get my fat percentage and was at 15st 10lbs, so who knows. I think I'd be happy with anything between 5-7lbs lost this week, but I must not get discouraged if it is less. I've also walked a lot today and did some EA Active early this morning, so am aching slightly!

Today I've had 22pts out of 25 and had a nice lunch out with R - we are watching the football now and then I'm going to read a book I got out at the library today.

I will update as soon as I know! *crossing fingers*

Hope you are all on track and having a good week.

Happy Slimming =)


Sunday, 10 October 2010


day three down. I make it sound like some massive hardship but I'm actually quite enjoying it, I've not really felt hungry today.

Yesterday I ate 23.5pts out of 25 and today 20pts out of 25 so I'm averaging out at around 22, which is what I wanted in order to do a week of fast start (albeit doing it for five days, as wed and thursday were a right off).

I managed to do a bit of exercise in the form of digging out my old dusty neglected Wii and did fifteen minutes on that, not very long but I did a lot of cardio in that time and made sure I broke a sweat. Apart from that it's been an unusually quiet day, have been catching up on the WW forums and just pottering about on the internet.

The real test will be when Rob has time off on Tuesday and Wednesday, because those are the days I fall foul of the eating demons. Fortunately one is the day before WI and one is WI day itself, so hopefully it will encourage me to stay on track.

I'm not going to put too much pressure on myself this time round. At the moment I am just looking forward to getting back down to my original weight, and then into the 14's. It sounds like a really weird thing to aim for, but I honestly cannot remember the last time I saw the 14's, and it would be absolutely ace to be in the 13's for Christmas - by that point I should fit into that little black dress I bought all those years ago and never wore again!

Hope you've all had brilliant weekends and enjoyed the sunshine today.

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Saturday, 9 October 2010

day one.

I managed to shock myself and stay on track all day. In fact, I was five points under, which is not the best way to go back into WW (I had the shakes this morning, either lack of food or caffeine withdrawal or both!) but I suppose old habits die hard!

At the moment the M.E is pretty bad so exercise is a bit of a moot point, but I'm sure when I start to lose a bit of weight my energy levels with return (she says, crossing her fingers).

Have had some cereal this morning with some milk, and about to grab some soup for lunch - am looking forward to it, and cherry tomato pasta for dinner tonight :)

Hope you are all having fabulous weekends, and staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-

Monday, 4 October 2010

in preparation for tomorrow.

OK, so my new start didn't happen - work got in the way, life got in the way, as it so often does!

I weighed myself and was absolutely distraught that I was up to 16st. My lowest weight in June was 15st 2lbs so I'm nearly a whole stone up from what I was, and goodness knows what I could be if I'd stuck with it instead of getting silly and restricting to the point of just gorging myself on food to compensate.

STILL, I am here now, and Christmas is how many weeks away now? I would like to lose at least a stone and a half between now and then, which I think is doable, but I'm not going to set myself any mad unhealthy targets, just go at it to the best of my ability and remember that the plan does work, and not to get all stupid and restrict to 10 points a day *rolls eyes*

It's nice to see a few of the people who were blogging six months ago are still about, and I'm sure I'll be looking in on the new bloggers! Good luck in your journey and remember to give me a royal kick up the backside if I'm not about!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-