Tuesday, 19 October 2010

twas the night before

As a general rule, I usually try and eat light before WI the following morning. I'm not sure where this came about; whether it was a conscious decision to do so or whether I'd read other people did it on the boards, but usually I'll eat my main meal at lunchtime and then a snacky lunch at dinner time. Today I didn't get that opportunity and I feel all out of sorts! I ended up having sausages with mash and veg, and quite a lot of it :facepalm: - all within points (in fact I have 7pts left over and it's 8:30pm) of course but still. I suppose if I'd stuck with what I was originally going to do and have a salad and then another salad, I'd be way under points, which although was myth busted at last weeks meeting, still isn't good.

I weighed myself on the scales at Boots today as my home scales were showing a highly unlikely 15st 4lbs (denoting a loss of 4lbs this week) - seems they were near enough, Boots has me down as 15st 4lbs (although I discredit it slightly as it put me a whole inch shorter than I am in height, so god knows!).

Would be absolutely amazing to lose 4lbs or even 5lbs for tomorrow - my lowest recorded weight at WW was 15st 4lbs about three months ago before I gained 10lbs so it'll have me right down there. Unofficially I got down to 15st 2lbs (a little less I think as the home scales are about a pound above normal) but I'm not going to think of that, and concentrate on trying to crack the 14's within the next couple of weeks - I think my idea of cracking it before Guy Fawkes was a bit ambitious.

It's quite funny - when I got down to this weight in the summer, I felt slim (or slimmish) - I don't have that feeling at the moment, I still am unhappy with what I look at and I still can't notice a huge difference. Still, the scales moving downwards is all good, however much by.

I hope you are all having luck with you WI's this week and stick with it!

Happy Slimming =)

-missyb- x


  1. Good luck for tomorrow. I normally have fish fingers and oven chips the night before WI!! And sometimes when I feel quite bloated I discover I have lost weight so fingers crossed for you.

  2. Good luck! I know what you mean about feeling out of sorts when you
    don't stick to your pre WW routine but hopefully you'll be fine and will see that 4lb loss.


  3. Hope the WI went well. Good luck :)