Saturday, 9 October 2010

day one.

I managed to shock myself and stay on track all day. In fact, I was five points under, which is not the best way to go back into WW (I had the shakes this morning, either lack of food or caffeine withdrawal or both!) but I suppose old habits die hard!

At the moment the M.E is pretty bad so exercise is a bit of a moot point, but I'm sure when I start to lose a bit of weight my energy levels with return (she says, crossing her fingers).

Have had some cereal this morning with some milk, and about to grab some soup for lunch - am looking forward to it, and cherry tomato pasta for dinner tonight :)

Hope you are all having fabulous weekends, and staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb -x-


  1. Well done - I too have started back to WW. If you feel that you are too many points under what about trying a tiny bit of chocolate or something else? I hope your ME gets better soon. I have fibromyalgia so understand where you are coming from re the exercise - I have found a small rebounder is good!!

  2. Well done! I was a few points under on the first couple of days as well, I suppose partly because when I'm in full on new start mode I get a bit over enthusiastic...funny how a few days down the line it doesn't seem to be an issue!


  3. Thank you :) I tend to have a guilt complex about eating all my points, but I am getting better - there were dark times when I used to try and survive on 15pts in the past! Very silly. Once I'm back to grips with it I'll start to iron out the issues I have with points, but for the time being I just need to get in the right head space again.

    Thank you for the wishes about the ME, I hope your fibromyalgia is manageable xxx