Wednesday, 31 March 2010

the one with the fourth (third?) weigh in...

I think technically it's the third. Third fourth, it doesn't matter :op

I'm heaps tired so will be retiring to bed soon with my book, two hours ago I was busting a gut doing EA Active on the hard mode for 30 minutes. Phewf!

Weighed in today - lost 5lbs! Have absolutely no idea how or why or when etc - the Wii was saying I was bang on 18st but the scales at the meeting said 17st 13lb! I'll take that!

I'll do a proper update tomorrow, for now!

Good luck to those weighing in,

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Monday, 29 March 2010

rip pedometer

My Mum's puppy got hold of it this morning and broke it. I am sans my newly found crutch, even if I think it's a shade unreliable. Anyway, it's broken, and I need to get a replacement.

I've been at Mum's for the last few days - I've stuck to WW still despite the fact I couldn't online track as the internet/laptop was playing up majorly. I weighed myself on the Wii when I got in from Mum's (4pm) and it said I'd put on a pound! Argh! I don't feel as if I've lost weight this week, if that makes sense - I know it's largely subliminal and definitely not noticable, but I'd be shocked if I've lost any more than 1lb this week.

Still, I shall plod on!

Am going to have a mass tidy of the flat now.

Hope you've all had good weekends,

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Saturday, 27 March 2010

and the beat goes on!

Still here, still on WW, still feeling good.

I don't know if I mentioned it but I bought a WW pedometer on Wednesday. I've had it on me constantly and have managed to rack up 20 Activity Points already! I'm not so sure how accurate it is, so I'm taking a point off each time it displays it (so on Thursday I did 9pts, so I put down 8) so I have a more stable idea of what I'm doing.

Still, it's very encouraging to see the distance I am walking - no wonder I was so tired before, I had no idea I was walking that much.

We've reached a bit of a conundrum in terms of where we're going to be living come May. My boyfriend has tried to get a transfer to the store in my city but his store are unlikely to let him go, which really means I'm going to have to move to his town. That is fine, I've got no issue with that, it's just finding somewhere that is a) cheap and b) not totally run down. We looked at a flat yesterday which was huge but SO dated, and you could just tell problems would arise from the 50yr old cooker! I'm meeting my Dad in April and my boyfriend's dad said he'd help out if we got stuck so that is good to know.

I've decided I'm going to start looking for a part time job; my energy levels are much better and I think I would feel a trillion times better if I was working rather than sitting around. I might give it a month and see how I feel in a month because usually when I embark on some form of exercise it takes a while to catch up with me. I'm sleeping much better although I'm hideously tired when I wake up.

Anyway, the last couple of days I've stuck religiously to my points and tried to get enough of them in, which I'm still finding hard. Yesterday was a bit of a difficult day as I was away from home at my boyfriend's parents but I woke up so late after breakfast that I missed it and just had a ham salad for lunch. By 7pm I'd only had 6pts so I was starving (and feeling light headed) so had a Sainsburys BGTY curry which was nice and a WW naan bread (which was reduced and nice too, I stuck the other one in the freezer) - I also managed to pick up a reduced WW pizza to try, which is in the freezer as well.

I hope you're all having good weekends so far, I'm going over to Mum's for a couple of days today so am going to spend a little while planning what I'm going to have just in case I can't get online. Mum is cooking a roast tomorrow but I'll bring over my Quorn pepper steaks and have it with veg and fry light potatoes. I'll get told off for being awkward but there we go ;)

Happy Slimming =)


Wednesday, 24 March 2010

heyho campers

Hello slimmers!

I'm having a bit of a Backstreet Boys binge at the moment - as you know my Mum moved house at the weekend and I've been helping her shift stuff around, and we found my ancient CD's from 1996 - I was utterly obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and later Westlife, so we had a good ol' chuckle to the dulcet tones of both. I'm so pleased my Mum has moved, she seems so much more positive since getting out of the crappy relationship.

Anyway, it was weigh in today and I really had no expectations of what it would be - I felt like I had lost a bit but I've had so many other things on my mind that although I was tracking everything, I wasn't going mental and focusing it all the time (hence the termination of the daily updates!).

I lost 5lbs, which I am absolutely thrilled with! I said I would be happy with 2lbs as it would get my my first stone but to get five was amazing :) My friend at the meetings always likes to know how I've done and we had a good old chat this morning, so HELLO if you're reading this! (I know she did last week!)

I also bought a pedometer as I'd like to know how much steps/Activity Points I've done over the day. So far I've managed 4.5pts, but I think it would be more than that as I managed to reset the damn thing about 1.5 miles into my walk! Doh! I'd done about 4000 steps before that too! I'm just going to put it down as 4.5pts and not worry about it too much, I don't eat my Activity Points anyway.

After WI I walked the 2 miles to my Mum's in the sunshine (thankfully it was still out at midday!) and grabbed a chicken breast subway on the way for lunch, a little treat! When I got there I found out they were leaving soon anyway, so I had my lunch and had a chat with my Mum, brother and uncle before they went to the solicitors. Me and my Auntie went into town.

Can you believe a Cafe Latte Primo (skimmed milk) from Costa Coffee (and I'm going to big them up because I love them and worked for them for a year!) is only 0.5pts? I couldn't! It tasted exactly the same! So we had one of those, then we stopped by Next and typical of me, I found a top I liked (polka dot, of course) which was a steal at £12, so got that. I picked up a size 20 but it's a generous cut and a little big. I could always wear it with a belt anyway, so when it gets bigger it's no big deal.

We stopped off at Morrisons so I could pick some food up and I managed to get two new things - Peppersteaks from Quorn (as advised by Lisa, our leader) and some Eat Smart sausages; I've tried the ones from Tesco's which are really nice so we'll see if these cut the mustard! I'm not sure what to have for dinner at all, I've got too much choice!

Anyway, yesterday I was a bit naughty and didn't eat all my points - I think I managed about 20pts out of 27pts but I've never been a huge eater (just drinker, haha) which is really bad - does anyone have any advice for bumping points up? I'm not too keen on using my extra points for fatty foods, but I suppose I could stick a bit more oil in things like a stir fry.

I've got a whopping 16pts to use up for the rest of the day - I think I'm going to have some sausages and home made chips with peas!

I hope you're all having a good week.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

start of a new chapter

Not necessarily for me, but for my lovely Mum. I'm not going to go into too much detail here as the other person involved really isn't worth it but my Mum has been shoved out of her home thanks to her wanker partner who just got bored and now she's virtually homeless - but some old family friends are letting them stay in their Dad's house until she can find something.

I've spent the last couple of days helping her move home and shift boxes around - lots of activity points earned and this morning I walked from my flat to her house (2.2miles) in under 45 minutes, not very fast at all but my legs were heavy!

Anyway. Weigh in is tomorrow and I have no idea what the scales will read - at the moment the WiiFit is showing 18st 3 or 4lbs, but usually it's about 2lbs out so I reckon I may have lost 3lbs this week, probably 2lbs. A loss is a loss. after all! So we'll see tomorrow.

The last couple of days I've stuck religiously to points, and in some cases like yesterday I haven't eaten nearly enough points but I find if I have a big lunch then I'm usually not hungry. Naughty really, but I honestly don't want to eat if I'm not hungry! My activity hasn't been as strong as it was in the second week, mainly as I've been sorting out stuff with Mum but once that has blown over I'm going to get back to doing WiiFit and EA Active which I've neglected for the last couple of days! Naughty me.

I've still got 9pts to use today and I don't honestly see myself using them, maybe I'll have one of those coffee drink thingys to use up a point or two. I've done a lot of walking and lifting today so am feeling very very tired!

I'm not going to breakdown my points for the last couple days as I'll get shouted at for not eating enough points! In fairness I've been really stressed this last week and when I'm feeling under the kosh I tend to go into starvation mode, not good, but it's a habit I need to get out of.

I hope you've all had a good start to the week and are looking forward to your weigh-ins!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Saturday, 20 March 2010

the last few days!

I've been so exhausted that I've been falling asleep major early and just zoning out!

I'm not going to give breakdown on all my points for the last 3 days apart from;

Wed: 25.5pts/27
Thurs: 15pts/27 (I wasn't very well and was busy over dinnertime)
Friday: 25pts/27
Saturday (so far): 13pts/27pts

I fell asleep earlier hence why I've not eaten much today, I have just had a WW bar but am not overly hungry at the moment. I've got a chesty cough and cold thanks to my boyfriend (I love him really) so am feeling a bit blergh.

I've managed to total up 12 Activity points since Wednesday, thanks to a lot of walking and Wii Fitting, but I've been told to take it easy as falling asleep before 8pm does not make a very good social life!

I'm watching Titanic at the moment. Can you believe Kate Winslet was 21 when this was made, DiCaprio 22? Leo looks young but Kate looks older, I think - possibly because of the character she was cast as. I remember seeing this at the cinema, with people sniffing and sobbing throughout - alternating between sighing about Leo DiCaprio - I think I was the only girl in the cinema that wasn't obsessed with him!

Anyway, I have a major busy day tomorrow - Mum is moving house so I'm going to be earning some BP's shifting things about all day!

Hope you've all had a good weekend so far and are staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

the one with the second weigh in.

Hello - boy am I glad it's coming up to spring! I absolutely love the sunshine and there is nothing I like more than going for a nice walk with the sun coming up!

I was a total lamer last night and I went upstairs to read my magazine at half 7, intending to just get an hours rest before doing some more WiiFit but I fell asleep >.< Whoopsy! Needless to say I woke up about 4am and got up at half past, dithered around for a bit watching some rubbish early morning television and went for a walk at half six. Except (obviously) they hadn't opened the gates to the garden, so I ended up firstly cutting short my 30-40 minute walk (depending on my level of fatigue) and going through the cathedral. Then I decided, hey, why don't I walk the way I did the other day, that'll add an extra 15 mins, so I did! Ended up doing 45 mins of walking in the early morning sunshine!

I do have a question though - I estimate my walking pace to be gentle - it's not slow but certainly not brisk, but whenever I put in 45 mins of walking in, it comes up with 3.5pts! Surely that can't be right? I'm sure when I went to the gym I only ever earnt 4pts and I worked hella harder than that! Instead, I used the input activity box and put that I'd done 45 mins at low intensity - 3pts still!

Anyway, I ended up killing time before my weigh in; pottered around on the WW boards, then went into the city to have my fringe trimmed, dropped off some books at the library and had a cuppa at Starbucks in the sunshine.

I was early to WI as I couldn't wait any longer - Lisa was away this week and we had a lovely stand in leader called Louise (I think?). I had a chat with the girl who does the WW sales desk (I don't know her name, must find that out) and then stepped on the scales....

....4lbs! I was sort of hoping it would be 5lbs as that would be a stone but then I realised that was a silly thing to think as 1 stone in 2 weeks is insane. I now have half a pound till my first stone so hoping that'll be next week!

Bought some WW Toffee Bars (a tip - to make them last longer, pop them in the fridge, they end up nice and crunchy and I think more satisfying!) and then wandered around town for a bit. Was a bit disappointed as I tried on a size 22 skirt in a charity shop and it didn't fit, then tried on a size 24 in shorts and they fell down! I don't think my body can make it's mind up. As a general rule I'm wearing 20-22.

Oh, I forgot to do my breakdown of yesterday, so here goes it!

Breakfast: same as the previous two days, plus a Cappucino at starbucks = 4.5pts

Lunch: 3 mini pittas - 3pts, wafer thin ham - 1pt, mayo - 1.5pts, Walkers FF - 1.5pts and 1 apple = 7.5pts

Dinner: 70g of wholemeal pasta - 3pts, 200g of EL steak mince - 4.5pts, tom and chilli sauce - 1.5pts, cheese triangle (I was starving) - 0.5pts and a WW bar - 1.5pts = (a whopping) 11pts

Snacks: 1 pink n white - 0.5pts, minestrone slim a soup - 1pts = 1.5pts

TOTAL: 24.5pts/27pts
Activity: 35 min walk - 3pts, Aerobics (15min) - 1.5pts = 4.5pts

Hope you all are having fabulous weeks and good luck to those weighing in!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Tuesday, 16 March 2010

Morning campers!

Hey my lovelies.

I didn't update yesterday as I was so, so tired! We ended up going to bed around 8:30pm, we are so rock and roll! I also had a bit of a wobble yesterday, which I'll outline below.

Hope you all had a good Monday and looking forward to your weigh in's :)

I bought a Wii Fit + yesterday, and alongside a very early morning walk (about 6:30am) I did about half an hour of different aerobics exercises on both that an the EA Active thingy, which I got thrown in. It's good fun but the lunges, my goodness, my legs ached this morning!

Anyway, breakdown for Sunday:

Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast - 2.5pts, 1 cheese triangle - 0.5pts and grapefruit - 0.5pts = 3.5pts

Lunch: wafer ham - 1pts, 3 mini pitta breads - 3pts, mayo - 1.5pts, walkers french fries - 1.5pts = 7pts

Dinner: chicken - 5pts, tsp of sesame oil - 1pt, honey and mustard dressing - 0.5pts = 6.5pts

Snacks: 1 pink n white - 0.5pts and WW Chocolate bar - 1.5pts = 2pts

TOTAL: 19pts/27pts (really bad, but I just wasn't hungry!)

Breakdown for Monday:

Breakfast: (same as Sunday) - 3.5pts

Lunch: here is where it gets annoying. We decided to go to Nando's for lunch, and I picked the caeser salad at 6.5pts. I didn't realise the chicken would be an extra 3.5pts. The salad came with a bollock load of dressing on it, I didn't think to ask without but the Eat Out guide said all salads are pointed as sold, so I figured that was okay. I also had peri peri sauce on my chicken so I pointed the entire meal at 12pts just in case. But I left a bit of the salad and couldn't enjoy it :(

Dinner: I didn't, basically! Wasn't hungry, too worried about lunch so just had a WW Chocolate bar = 1.5pts

Snacks: Pink n White - 0.5pts

TOTAL: 17.5pts/27pts (earnt 5.5 activity points too)

Very naughty of me not to eat in the evening but I genuinely wasn't hungry possibly because I'd panicked!

Anyway, I'm about to go and grab some breakfast and then do some writing I think!

Happy Slimming =)


Sunday, 14 March 2010

tea and cakes (minus the cake)

Hey all, hope you've all had a pleasant weekend.

I was up ridiculously early this morning, owing to the fact I had slept for a couple of hours yesterday afternoon. I think I woke up around the time it started to get lightish outside, so around 5:30am! I had a cup of green tea (I'm preferring this to bog standard tea at the moment) and then went for an early morning walk around the backstreets of Norwich, I was a bit apprehensive as I realised there wouldn't be a lot of people about and some of my route took me in small alleys but I was psyched up.

I came back and had some breakfast then played on the Sims 3 for a bit. My Sim wants to be a composer, usually I make them chefs or something but thought I'd do something a bit more creative this time! Then....F1!!! I did my usual trick and only kept one eye on it whilst I was chatting on the WW boards but it was a pretty good race, unsurprisingly Ferrari won (1-2) after Vettel had mechanical issues. Jenson didn't get podium and was 7th I think eventually.

I had some lunch and then pottered around for a bit before being picked up to go to my brothers for afternoon tea - I was armed with my green tea bags and we got there - Kat (my SIL) had laid on a spread with cakes and cookies and crisps! I could have quite easily accounted for a cupcake today but I just decided I'd feel to guilty if I did so stuck to my tea. Everyone else was telling me to have one but I stayed stoic! Even Mum commented that I seem really determined this time which really helped me stay focused.

We stayed there for a good couple of hours and then I came back and cooked my dinner - chicken salad as I wasn't that hungry and really fancied a salad. So here I am, armed with another green tea and some squash typing away! I'll probably go upstairs to read for a bit in a short while as I'm pretty shattered. But first, yesterdays breakdown (the boring bit):

Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal bread - 2.5pts, 3 bacon medallions - 1.5pts, 2 tbsp of ketchup - 0.5pts = 4.5pts

Lunch: Prawns - 2pts, LF Mayo - 1.5pts, pitta bread - 3pts and cup of minestrone slim and soup -1pt = 7.5pts

Dinner: 3 extra lean sausages (Sainsburys, and very nice!) - 3.5pts, potatoes - 4pts, reduced salt/sugar beans - 2pts, tomato ketchup - 0.5pts and WW Chocolate Swirl Pot - 1.5pts = 11.5pts

Snacks: 1 Pink n White - 0.5pts
TOTAL: 24pts/27pts (no exercise today)

I'll do todays breakdown tomorrow, even though I'm done for the day. I also saw my bridesmaid dress for my brother and SIL's wedding - I wanted to try it on but was told to wait a couple of months so it can be altered! I'm determined to not look as chubby when they get married! :o)

Anyway, I'm going to finish this cuppa, have a poke around the WW forums and go to read upstairs.

Happy Mothers Day to all you mothers out there, and a big huge hug and kiss for my wonderful Mummy who I love so so much xxx

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB x

Saturday, 13 March 2010

empire state of mind

I've been listening to that a lot today, not sure why other than I love love love Alicia Keys!

I was such a lame ass last night - Rob came over and had something to eat and I fell asleep on the sofa at about half eight - whoops! I definitely need to learn when to take it easy and when to rest rather than trying to be on the go all the time.

So! F1 started today and boy it looks good. Sad that my main man isn't on pole or even close, but I think Button's decision to go to McLaren wasn't the best idea anyway, so we shall see. I'm not really fussed who wins this year as long as Schumacher doesn't - I think he's a great driver and all that, but I'd really rather someone else won.

Yesterday was an okay day - I don't feel like I've lost anything this week - last week I could feel myself smaller (probably all psychological) but this week I feel a bit bloated and stuff, so I may cut out carbs (even though the only ones I eat are potatoes, wholemeal bread and occasional pasta) and see how I feel. I know it's not advisable but I honestly feel better when I'm eating salads and stuff, and at the moment I seem to prefer them.

Anyway, here is yesterdays breakdown:

Breakfast: 2 slices of wholemeal toast - 2.5pts, 1 egg - 1.5pts, Flora - 0.5pts and skimmed milk 0.5pts = 5pts

Lunch: 3 mini pitta - 3pts, ham - 1pt, mayo - 1.5pts, W's French Fries - 1.5pts and Mikado chocolate sticks - 0.5pts = 7.5pts

Dinner: chicken - 4pts, rice noodles - 2pts, teriyaki sauce - 2pts, 1 tsp of sesame oil - 1pt and stir fry veg - 0pts = 9pts

Snacks: Fruities - 0.5pts, cheese triangle - 0.5pts and WW Toffee Bar - 1.5pts - 2.5pts

TOTAL: 24pts/27pts - Activity - 35min of gentle walking - 3pts

So there we have it! I also haven't had a drink in a week, something that is almost unprecedented for me, and I don't really miss it.

Hope you're all having good weekends

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB x

Friday, 12 March 2010

f1 is back, baby!

You have no idea how happy this makes me - I love F1; the sport I can participate least in (ha, but it's not that reason) - My Dad always used to watch it when we were kids, I grew up with the neewwwwaa sounds on the television on a Sunday and when my Dad left Mum, I carried on the F1 watching. I used to watch Friday's practice, Saturdays qualifying and the race itself, and then the highlights :sad: I'm watching Friday practice now; c'mon Jenson! I have a rather big crush on this man, in fact, it's about the only crush I do have beyond Rob ;o)

Anyway, enough of my crushes. I was so, so tired last night - I actually went up to bed at half seven! I read for a bit and then drifted off by the time I had a missed call at half eight, but boy I needed that.

Yesterdays breakdown as follows:

Breakfast: 1/4 pint of skimmed milk - 0.5pts, egg, toast and flora - 4.5pts = 5pts

Lunch: Chicken breast 6" subway (no cheese) on wheat - 4.5pts and an apple - 1pt (I pointed this up as I nicked one of Rob's chips from McDs!) = 5.5pts

Dinner: 400g potatoes - 4.5pts, 3 LF sausages from Sainsburys (which were really nice) - 3.5pts, mustard - 0pts, tbsp of peas - 0.5pts, tomato ketchup - 0.5pts = 9pts

Snacks: Fruities - 0.5pts, WW Toffee Bar - 1.5pts and Mikado chocolate sticks - 0.5pts = 2.5pts

TOTAL: 22pts/27pts (saved 3)

I didn't do any "formal" exercise yesterday apart from walking around town.

I also took my measurements yesterday - how bloody depressing was that! It was a real shock to compare mine to Rob (who is perfectly sized, and a bloke!) :o(

Arm: 14.5"
Waist: 46.5"
Hips: 53.5" (ouch, my tummy flab was in the way!)
Thigh: 31.5" (about the same size as a small girls waist!)
Bust (underneath): 42.5"
Bust: 48.5"
Neck: 16.2"

I'm going to measure every month I think, see what the results are.

Today I woke up early (6am) and watched a bit of the first F1 session, then had some breakfast and had a walk. 35 minutes - 3pts. I also bumped into the various questionable men who were drinking Special Brew at 10am in the morning :o/ I then got barked at by a stray dog (I couldn't see his owner anywhere) and my legs felt tired, which annoyed me a bit.

I'm going to tidy the flat today and watch a movie I think later on, maybe have a read too :o)

Hope you're having a feel good Friday!

Happy Slimming =)


Thursday, 11 March 2010

the day after the one before.

Hello :)

So! It's been a full week on WW and I feel great, I have to say. Yesterday was a brilliant day and I was feeling so positive; I'm a pretty positive person anyway but I'd forgotten what it felt like to have a bit of luck behind me. Of course, that's totally dried up today as stupid vodafone have taken a whopping £80 out of my bank account that I had reserved for other more important things (I'd forgotten to pay last months when my banks were switching over and so was double charged!) but it's not the end of the world.

Yesterday I was a bit bad food wise, in that I didn't eat enough! I honestly wasn't that hungry, and when it came to dinner time I really had to push myself to put the oven on and cook some salmon, which I had with salad. I must get into a habit of eating all my points otherwise two things will happen (possibly): 1) weight will come off too quickly/plataeu = bad and 2) when my points drop as I lose weight, I will find it hard to get used to the drop. Anyway, break down for yesterday was as follows:

Breakfast: Here's where I was naughty - I had a WW Toffee bar = 1.5pts and 1/4pint of skimmed milk allocated for the day = 0.5pts = 2pts

This was totally on the go as I had the Sky man here and I was chomping mouthfuls whilst answering questions, not very relaxing! 3 Mini Pitta Breads = 3pts, prawns - 2pts, 2 tbsp of light mayo - 1.5pts and Walkers french fries - 1.5pts = 8pts

I really wasn't hungry so just had a salad but bumped it up with balsamic vingear for points. Fillet of salmon - 4pts, salad bits (lettuce and tomato) - 0pts, 3 tbsp of balsamic vingear - 2pts, honey and mustard dressing - 0.5pts, WW Vanilla Creamed Rice - 1.5pts and very naughtily had another WW Double chocolate bar - 1.5pts = 9.5pts

Anytime: 1 Caramel Snack a Jack - 1pt and 1 Pink n White - 0.5pts = 1.5pts

TOTAL: 21pts out of 27pts.
In fairness I didn't do much exercise apart from walking.

Today has been a bit harder as Rob is off - we've been babysitting my brothers kitten for the morning as they needed to decorate the house, but she was so scared! The washing machine was going like the clappers and she looked petrified.

We then popped into the city as I needed to pay some money into my account to make sure it didn't go overdrawn (which it did anyway, by the total of 84p!) and buy our Mum's some cards for Sunday. Rob was hungry so he got a McDonalds; before you think he's a great big tease, I told him he could ;) It didn't bother me at all really, I had a diet coke and we sat outside, I nicked a small chip which I pointed (0.5pts!) just in case. I then decided I wanted something to eat so we went home via Subway where I had a chicken breast wheat 6" sub minus the cheese (4.5pts) and Rob ate a cookie, heh! Stopped off at Tescos and picked up a couple of bits (plus Slimming World magazine, not that I'm thinking of going over to the "dark side" as they call it on the WW forums, I was just intrigued!) and now we're home. I've just munched on an apple and Rob is strangely watching the shopping channel. Oddness!

Sorry for the epic entry, my fingers seem to be running away with me!

Hope you are all having a good week :)

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

first weigh in and the results!

Looks yummy doesn't it ;) I had my weigh in today - I woke up waaay too early as I couldn't sleep, so trekked down to Sainsburys to buy some food and carried two 3kg bags back, I was knackered! I had a quick drink and then went to my weigh in.


....9.5lbs :shockedface:

I couldn't believe it - I saw the scales hit 18st 13lbs and I was just open mouthed, although at that point I hadn't worked out the maths. Then my lovely leader just went "wow". So I've earnt my first silver seven! I stayed for the meeting like I plan to each time and she asked us all whether we'd had good weeks, but I didn't want to sound as if I was showing off as I know a lot of people struggle so I kept quiet, and then she asked me how much I'd lost! I went a curious shade of red!

Then, to top off an amazing weigh in, I won the raffle - £11 to spend on WW goodies :0) Ironically enough my leader asked me to pick out the two names, and I managed to pick out myself :facepalm: I told her to put it back but they insisted that I took it! I had already bought a tape measure and some toffee bars, so I spent the £11 on two track books, some fruities and the double chocolate bars.

After that I met my Mum, and realised I'd not eaten anything since the evening before so quickly snarfed a toffee bar (delish!) before going to do a bit of shopping in town. My phone then proceeded to die, and as I hate that phone anyway, Mum gave me her mobile (my old mobile that I loved) and she switched to her old phone. So yay, I have my beloved phone back :)

We went back to mine and I made some lunch, and then the Sky man turned up! They were supposed to let me know so I had a mouth full of pitta and prawns talking to him on the intercom. Anyway, it's all sorted now apart from the fact I don't have a second satelitte signal so I need to buy some costly box to filter it. Maybe I'll buy it when I've achieved a mini goal :o)

I best put those photos up, no more messing around! Tomorrow I'll put my measurements up as I'll get Rob to do it with me tomorrow.

So this is front, side and rear aspect ;) I never realised how pregnant I looked!

Tomorrow I'll update with today's points, but I've dropped a point now to 27 so we'll see how I get on.

Happy Slimming!

Missyb =)

Tuesday, 9 March 2010

step by step!

For anybody born in the 1980's (providing it wasn't the last three years), you should just about remember the wonder of New Kids on the Block. I remember my Auntie buying me an annual and a cassette for my birthday which I wore out.

We bought Just Dance today on the Wii - it's great fun, but ultimately quite disappointing - there isn't a career mode and it's obviously just a game to play with friends, but we only have two controllers, and none of our friends have Wii's! Anyway, there is a song by the above called Step By Step which I've been binging on via Spotify, because it reminds me of being a kid :o)

Anyway, Rob was over last night and we spent the day together today. I find it hard and easy in equal measures when I have someone round (Mum, brother & SIL, friends etc) - if I can plan ahead (which I do most of the time) it's okay as I can incorporate meals into the daily routine. But sometimes said friends and family eat food that is tempting (Rob for instance, ate cheese this morning, my massive love) and I find it hard. So far I've resisted even the smallest amount of cheese. *\o/*

Anyway, I feel again like I've eaten tonnes. I keep checking and rechecking to make sure I'm not going over my points as dinner in particular was h-u-g-e. Anyway, here is a breakdown of today:

Breakfast: 1 slice of wholemeal toast (with no spread) - 1pt, 1/4 pint of skimmed milk - 0.5pts and two mikado chocolate sticks - 0.5pts = 2pts

Lunch: chicken, grilled - 3pts, honey and mustard dressing - 0.5pts, lettuce, tomato and onion - 0pts, WW pitta bread - 1.5pts, WW Banoffee dessert - 3pts = 8pts

Dinner: extra lean steak mince - 4.5pts, potatoes made into wedges and baked in oven - 4pts, tomato & chilli sauce - 1.5pts, tomato ketchup - 0.5pts, fry light - 0.5pt (I didn't spray that much, but I just prefer to point in case), 1 snack a jack - 1pt = 12pts

Pink n White - 0.5pts

TOTAL: 23pts/28pts (banked 3 for tomorrow)

Activity - about half an hour on the Wii and a bit of walking.


I did take a picture of my dinner, plus some full length photos of me; ergh. I don't look so bad from the front but from the side I look positively pregnant.

Anyway, weigh in tomorrow, at 10:30am. Then I have the Sky man coming (I ordered Sky, heh) and I can plan food for the next week ahead :o)

Hope you've all had a good day.

Happy slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Monday, 8 March 2010

eating loads and paranoia.

So, as the title says - I feel like I've eaten a small house today. I'll write it down and let you make your mind up whether I've gone way over my points as I'm paranoid I have!

Breakfast: 2 eggs (3pts), 1/2 pint of milk (1pt), 1 slice of wholemeal bread (1pt), tomato ketchup (0.5pts) = 5.5pts

Lunch: 2 WW pitta breads (3pts), 10 slices of wafer thin ham (1pt), mayo (1.5pts), 2 cheese triangles (1pt), Walkers French Fries (1.5pts) and an apple (0.5pts) = 8.5pts

Dinner: Butternut squash (made into chips with fry light) - (0pts), chicken (4pts), 1 tsp of OO (1pt), pasta (3pts), balsamic vinegar (0.5pts), chopped tomatoes (0.5pts) and a snack a jack (1pt) = 10pts

I also had a lemon slice (1pt) and some sugar free jelly (0pt) which brings my total today - 25.5pts


Anyway, enough of that. If anyone can advise as to whether I've just eaten a million points, please let me know!

I went for a longish walk this morning with my iPod playing a selection of upbeat tunage. I have decided to join the gym too, as I find it really motivates me and spurs me on!

As I write my boyfriend is sitting here with his caeser salad with salami and garlic bread....and it smells so damned good! I am feeling a bit weak today so I shouldn't imagine it'll be long before I dive into bed and fall asleep! Wednesday is weigh in and I just want to get the first week over and done with so I can say I survived...heh.

Hope you've all had a good Monday.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Sunday, 7 March 2010

hello lovelies!

Hello lovely ladies and gents (if I have any gent readers) :)

Yesterday was a good day; Rob was over and we went for a walk around town just poodling about. We went for a drink (Rob cider, me tea) at our favourite place and then went for lunch at Pizza Express! (!!!) - I was armed with my Eat Out book and had the Pollo Vendure salad with dressing and doughsticks (7.5pts) and a small glass of wine (2pts) - I also had a tiny bit of Rob's pizza (he happened to have my favourite, meanie!) so counted that as 2pts too. So lunch for 11.5pts and was lovely indeed!

I had an omelette for breakfast and noodles for dinner then zonked out about 8pm, I was so tired after my dinner!

Today being Sunday is usually the day my Mum comes over to visit and we usually cook something like risotto or roast dinner - today I decided to do her a WW receipe so we did prawn, pea and smoked salmon pasta and it was lovely! We also had a pot of ice cream from WW for dessert which was very indulgent and I also had a lemon slice from the eat smart section in Morrisons - only 1pt! I had two slices of wholemeal bread and some spread for breakfast which was 2.5pts. Tonight I'm going to have some baked oven chips (4pts), chicken (3.5pts) and some beans, so should be well within my points.

We also went for an ambling walk by the cathedral with Alfie (Mum's dog) which was nice as the sun was shining, so I think we will do that more often, although my back is killing me now!

I hope you've all had good weekends, I'm nervous and excited about my weigh in on Wednesday!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Friday, 5 March 2010

whoops, day trois.

I managed to fall asleep about 6pm last night with a horrible headache (detox and M.E induced) and didn't wake up until 1am - although I managed to have a very sleepy chat with Rob about half seven, apparently (I don't remember this). So yesterday, I ended up with more points left that I had eaten (13.5pts eaten, 14.5 pts left) - when I woke up at 1am I nearly fell down the stairs in dizzyness! I decided not to eat anything then as I couldn't work out what I wanted to eat and I wasn't sure what day it would count as ;)

As for today, I still have the headache and feel a trifle dizzy, but that's to be expected when you embark on a new way of living. I made the most of the morning sunshine and went for a briskish walk (although I counted it as gentle, I can't walk very quickly or very far without pain) and stopped by a cafe to enquire about wedding venue hire with which I was pleasantly surprised at the price.

For breakfast I boiled two eggs with two slices of toast and some low fat spread - However, the eggs didn't cook properly so I had to scrap them (after opening and eating most of the yolk before realising the egg white was still gooey...eek) and ended up only having one the second time round (still counted two though as I'd eaten the yolk near enough) - it was nice, and it's really good to know I can still have things like that. 5.5pts for breakfast, anyhow.

When I got back I made some soup - Thai Sweet Potato as created by WW - 4pts and pretty nice. I made 4 portions (although there is LOADS!) and have stuck the rest in the fridge for tomorrows lunch or dinner. I also had a packet of Walkers FF (1.5pts), a cheese triangle (0.5pts) and an apple (0.5pts) I then went to meet my Auntie for a coffee (although I had green tea) and my brother who was looking at wedding rings today. Lunch - 6.5pts

For dinner I have 14.5 pts to play with as I've had 2 P&W's (1.5pts) and have worked out 150g of the mince I bought is 3.5 pts, which I'll put with a tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions and some pasta. Friday night I usually either go to the pub for a drink, but I'm not drinking at the moment (neither of us are) as it's making us feel crap (me with headaches, Rob doesn't like taking them on his tablets) so I'll just stick to green tea. It's annoying fresh orange juice isn't zero points as I loved guzzling that! Hehe.

Hope you're all doing well, and looking forward to the weekend.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

Thursday, 4 March 2010

day two....deux, etc.

Hello fat fighting friends.

On my first day I managed to eat 26pts out of 28pts. Not too bad for a first day, especially considering I packed away two biscuits before I even made the decision to go.

The tofu stir-fry was pretty mediocre but I wasn't going by a reciepe so that may be half the problem. It was just a knock-up job so I didn't really spend much time on it, and the sauce was pretty blergh. You live and learn, eh!

Rob was over last night so we tried to watch the football and failed because of the damned freesat cutting out - it's such a pain in the ass it's untrue - it works when you don't want to watch anything in particular but when there is something on, you can guarantee it'll cut out. I would get Sky again but I don't know how long I'll be in this flat so seems a bit pointless if I'm just going to move in a couple of months time. I don't really watch that much TV anyway.

We went and did a food shop earlier, stopping off for a mocha (Rob) and green tea (me) at the Forum; it's a lovely sunny day today which makes the world of difference to me. I'm still finding it a struggle walking; I don't get out of breath but my legs just feel woefully tired, so I'm still not sure what I'm going to do about exercise. I guess my energy may improve the more weight I loose, so perhaps after I've dropped a stone or whatever I can review it.

All in all, my main motivation for doing this is I do not want to be 30 and fat. I have spent all of my 20's being overweight, so five long years of feeling shiteous about myself. I feel I have missed out on so many opportunities because I'm too scared of what people may think of me, and I know a lot of my anxiety towards perception is down to my weight. I also have the incentive in that I will be helping my PCOS, which will help my fertility when me and Rob want to have children, and also because I'm getting married :) I do NOT want to be a fat bride!

We're going to have a really low key do so something like a registery office and then a party somewhere, but that suits me fine, and I want to wear a 50's tea dress =) As long as there is a bit of polkadot encorperated somewhere in there I'll be happy!

I should really go for a walk but my back is playing up majorly today, so I'll make it a mission for tomorrow.

Happy slimming :)

MissyB xxx

Wednesday, 3 March 2010


19st 8lbs. Which means I am 6lbs heavier that my heaviest weight 6 months ago. Whoops. I suppose at least it isn't more, but rubbishy.

First weigh-in went okay, weight as above. The leader is really nice, and the group is much bigger than my previous one. I couldn't believe how many non-fat people there were there; I was probably the biggest person there which was a bit daunting, but hey, at least it's a start.

I had some sushi for a snack as I missed breakfast, and then some tuna pasta for lunch and an apple which was really nice. I think we've got tofu stir fry for dinner tonight...

So far - 12.5pts out of 15pts used.

The time has come (and gone)...

Today I rejoin WW. The meeting is at half ten and I'm dreading weigh in. But I'm going to do this, and I've got to do this.

Will be going for a food shop and am armed with my old books to get some inspiration.

Wish me luck!