Wednesday, 24 March 2010

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Hello slimmers!

I'm having a bit of a Backstreet Boys binge at the moment - as you know my Mum moved house at the weekend and I've been helping her shift stuff around, and we found my ancient CD's from 1996 - I was utterly obsessed with the Backstreet Boys and later Westlife, so we had a good ol' chuckle to the dulcet tones of both. I'm so pleased my Mum has moved, she seems so much more positive since getting out of the crappy relationship.

Anyway, it was weigh in today and I really had no expectations of what it would be - I felt like I had lost a bit but I've had so many other things on my mind that although I was tracking everything, I wasn't going mental and focusing it all the time (hence the termination of the daily updates!).

I lost 5lbs, which I am absolutely thrilled with! I said I would be happy with 2lbs as it would get my my first stone but to get five was amazing :) My friend at the meetings always likes to know how I've done and we had a good old chat this morning, so HELLO if you're reading this! (I know she did last week!)

I also bought a pedometer as I'd like to know how much steps/Activity Points I've done over the day. So far I've managed 4.5pts, but I think it would be more than that as I managed to reset the damn thing about 1.5 miles into my walk! Doh! I'd done about 4000 steps before that too! I'm just going to put it down as 4.5pts and not worry about it too much, I don't eat my Activity Points anyway.

After WI I walked the 2 miles to my Mum's in the sunshine (thankfully it was still out at midday!) and grabbed a chicken breast subway on the way for lunch, a little treat! When I got there I found out they were leaving soon anyway, so I had my lunch and had a chat with my Mum, brother and uncle before they went to the solicitors. Me and my Auntie went into town.

Can you believe a Cafe Latte Primo (skimmed milk) from Costa Coffee (and I'm going to big them up because I love them and worked for them for a year!) is only 0.5pts? I couldn't! It tasted exactly the same! So we had one of those, then we stopped by Next and typical of me, I found a top I liked (polka dot, of course) which was a steal at £12, so got that. I picked up a size 20 but it's a generous cut and a little big. I could always wear it with a belt anyway, so when it gets bigger it's no big deal.

We stopped off at Morrisons so I could pick some food up and I managed to get two new things - Peppersteaks from Quorn (as advised by Lisa, our leader) and some Eat Smart sausages; I've tried the ones from Tesco's which are really nice so we'll see if these cut the mustard! I'm not sure what to have for dinner at all, I've got too much choice!

Anyway, yesterday I was a bit naughty and didn't eat all my points - I think I managed about 20pts out of 27pts but I've never been a huge eater (just drinker, haha) which is really bad - does anyone have any advice for bumping points up? I'm not too keen on using my extra points for fatty foods, but I suppose I could stick a bit more oil in things like a stir fry.

I've got a whopping 16pts to use up for the rest of the day - I think I'm going to have some sausages and home made chips with peas!

I hope you're all having a good week.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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