Thursday, 11 March 2010

the day after the one before.

Hello :)

So! It's been a full week on WW and I feel great, I have to say. Yesterday was a brilliant day and I was feeling so positive; I'm a pretty positive person anyway but I'd forgotten what it felt like to have a bit of luck behind me. Of course, that's totally dried up today as stupid vodafone have taken a whopping £80 out of my bank account that I had reserved for other more important things (I'd forgotten to pay last months when my banks were switching over and so was double charged!) but it's not the end of the world.

Yesterday I was a bit bad food wise, in that I didn't eat enough! I honestly wasn't that hungry, and when it came to dinner time I really had to push myself to put the oven on and cook some salmon, which I had with salad. I must get into a habit of eating all my points otherwise two things will happen (possibly): 1) weight will come off too quickly/plataeu = bad and 2) when my points drop as I lose weight, I will find it hard to get used to the drop. Anyway, break down for yesterday was as follows:

Breakfast: Here's where I was naughty - I had a WW Toffee bar = 1.5pts and 1/4pint of skimmed milk allocated for the day = 0.5pts = 2pts

This was totally on the go as I had the Sky man here and I was chomping mouthfuls whilst answering questions, not very relaxing! 3 Mini Pitta Breads = 3pts, prawns - 2pts, 2 tbsp of light mayo - 1.5pts and Walkers french fries - 1.5pts = 8pts

I really wasn't hungry so just had a salad but bumped it up with balsamic vingear for points. Fillet of salmon - 4pts, salad bits (lettuce and tomato) - 0pts, 3 tbsp of balsamic vingear - 2pts, honey and mustard dressing - 0.5pts, WW Vanilla Creamed Rice - 1.5pts and very naughtily had another WW Double chocolate bar - 1.5pts = 9.5pts

Anytime: 1 Caramel Snack a Jack - 1pt and 1 Pink n White - 0.5pts = 1.5pts

TOTAL: 21pts out of 27pts.
In fairness I didn't do much exercise apart from walking.

Today has been a bit harder as Rob is off - we've been babysitting my brothers kitten for the morning as they needed to decorate the house, but she was so scared! The washing machine was going like the clappers and she looked petrified.

We then popped into the city as I needed to pay some money into my account to make sure it didn't go overdrawn (which it did anyway, by the total of 84p!) and buy our Mum's some cards for Sunday. Rob was hungry so he got a McDonalds; before you think he's a great big tease, I told him he could ;) It didn't bother me at all really, I had a diet coke and we sat outside, I nicked a small chip which I pointed (0.5pts!) just in case. I then decided I wanted something to eat so we went home via Subway where I had a chicken breast wheat 6" sub minus the cheese (4.5pts) and Rob ate a cookie, heh! Stopped off at Tescos and picked up a couple of bits (plus Slimming World magazine, not that I'm thinking of going over to the "dark side" as they call it on the WW forums, I was just intrigued!) and now we're home. I've just munched on an apple and Rob is strangely watching the shopping channel. Oddness!

Sorry for the epic entry, my fingers seem to be running away with me!

Hope you are all having a good week :)

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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