Friday, 5 March 2010

whoops, day trois.

I managed to fall asleep about 6pm last night with a horrible headache (detox and M.E induced) and didn't wake up until 1am - although I managed to have a very sleepy chat with Rob about half seven, apparently (I don't remember this). So yesterday, I ended up with more points left that I had eaten (13.5pts eaten, 14.5 pts left) - when I woke up at 1am I nearly fell down the stairs in dizzyness! I decided not to eat anything then as I couldn't work out what I wanted to eat and I wasn't sure what day it would count as ;)

As for today, I still have the headache and feel a trifle dizzy, but that's to be expected when you embark on a new way of living. I made the most of the morning sunshine and went for a briskish walk (although I counted it as gentle, I can't walk very quickly or very far without pain) and stopped by a cafe to enquire about wedding venue hire with which I was pleasantly surprised at the price.

For breakfast I boiled two eggs with two slices of toast and some low fat spread - However, the eggs didn't cook properly so I had to scrap them (after opening and eating most of the yolk before realising the egg white was still gooey...eek) and ended up only having one the second time round (still counted two though as I'd eaten the yolk near enough) - it was nice, and it's really good to know I can still have things like that. 5.5pts for breakfast, anyhow.

When I got back I made some soup - Thai Sweet Potato as created by WW - 4pts and pretty nice. I made 4 portions (although there is LOADS!) and have stuck the rest in the fridge for tomorrows lunch or dinner. I also had a packet of Walkers FF (1.5pts), a cheese triangle (0.5pts) and an apple (0.5pts) I then went to meet my Auntie for a coffee (although I had green tea) and my brother who was looking at wedding rings today. Lunch - 6.5pts

For dinner I have 14.5 pts to play with as I've had 2 P&W's (1.5pts) and have worked out 150g of the mince I bought is 3.5 pts, which I'll put with a tomato sauce, mushrooms, onions and some pasta. Friday night I usually either go to the pub for a drink, but I'm not drinking at the moment (neither of us are) as it's making us feel crap (me with headaches, Rob doesn't like taking them on his tablets) so I'll just stick to green tea. It's annoying fresh orange juice isn't zero points as I loved guzzling that! Hehe.

Hope you're all doing well, and looking forward to the weekend.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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