Wednesday, 10 March 2010

first weigh in and the results!

Looks yummy doesn't it ;) I had my weigh in today - I woke up waaay too early as I couldn't sleep, so trekked down to Sainsburys to buy some food and carried two 3kg bags back, I was knackered! I had a quick drink and then went to my weigh in.


....9.5lbs :shockedface:

I couldn't believe it - I saw the scales hit 18st 13lbs and I was just open mouthed, although at that point I hadn't worked out the maths. Then my lovely leader just went "wow". So I've earnt my first silver seven! I stayed for the meeting like I plan to each time and she asked us all whether we'd had good weeks, but I didn't want to sound as if I was showing off as I know a lot of people struggle so I kept quiet, and then she asked me how much I'd lost! I went a curious shade of red!

Then, to top off an amazing weigh in, I won the raffle - £11 to spend on WW goodies :0) Ironically enough my leader asked me to pick out the two names, and I managed to pick out myself :facepalm: I told her to put it back but they insisted that I took it! I had already bought a tape measure and some toffee bars, so I spent the £11 on two track books, some fruities and the double chocolate bars.

After that I met my Mum, and realised I'd not eaten anything since the evening before so quickly snarfed a toffee bar (delish!) before going to do a bit of shopping in town. My phone then proceeded to die, and as I hate that phone anyway, Mum gave me her mobile (my old mobile that I loved) and she switched to her old phone. So yay, I have my beloved phone back :)

We went back to mine and I made some lunch, and then the Sky man turned up! They were supposed to let me know so I had a mouth full of pitta and prawns talking to him on the intercom. Anyway, it's all sorted now apart from the fact I don't have a second satelitte signal so I need to buy some costly box to filter it. Maybe I'll buy it when I've achieved a mini goal :o)

I best put those photos up, no more messing around! Tomorrow I'll put my measurements up as I'll get Rob to do it with me tomorrow.

So this is front, side and rear aspect ;) I never realised how pregnant I looked!

Tomorrow I'll update with today's points, but I've dropped a point now to 27 so we'll see how I get on.

Happy Slimming!

Missyb =)


  1. Congratulations on your great loss hun :o)

  2. That's brilliant. I bet you were beaming from ear to ear. Well done! x

  3. Thank you :) I was more shocked initially! xxx