Friday, 12 March 2010

f1 is back, baby!

You have no idea how happy this makes me - I love F1; the sport I can participate least in (ha, but it's not that reason) - My Dad always used to watch it when we were kids, I grew up with the neewwwwaa sounds on the television on a Sunday and when my Dad left Mum, I carried on the F1 watching. I used to watch Friday's practice, Saturdays qualifying and the race itself, and then the highlights :sad: I'm watching Friday practice now; c'mon Jenson! I have a rather big crush on this man, in fact, it's about the only crush I do have beyond Rob ;o)

Anyway, enough of my crushes. I was so, so tired last night - I actually went up to bed at half seven! I read for a bit and then drifted off by the time I had a missed call at half eight, but boy I needed that.

Yesterdays breakdown as follows:

Breakfast: 1/4 pint of skimmed milk - 0.5pts, egg, toast and flora - 4.5pts = 5pts

Lunch: Chicken breast 6" subway (no cheese) on wheat - 4.5pts and an apple - 1pt (I pointed this up as I nicked one of Rob's chips from McDs!) = 5.5pts

Dinner: 400g potatoes - 4.5pts, 3 LF sausages from Sainsburys (which were really nice) - 3.5pts, mustard - 0pts, tbsp of peas - 0.5pts, tomato ketchup - 0.5pts = 9pts

Snacks: Fruities - 0.5pts, WW Toffee Bar - 1.5pts and Mikado chocolate sticks - 0.5pts = 2.5pts

TOTAL: 22pts/27pts (saved 3)

I didn't do any "formal" exercise yesterday apart from walking around town.

I also took my measurements yesterday - how bloody depressing was that! It was a real shock to compare mine to Rob (who is perfectly sized, and a bloke!) :o(

Arm: 14.5"
Waist: 46.5"
Hips: 53.5" (ouch, my tummy flab was in the way!)
Thigh: 31.5" (about the same size as a small girls waist!)
Bust (underneath): 42.5"
Bust: 48.5"
Neck: 16.2"

I'm going to measure every month I think, see what the results are.

Today I woke up early (6am) and watched a bit of the first F1 session, then had some breakfast and had a walk. 35 minutes - 3pts. I also bumped into the various questionable men who were drinking Special Brew at 10am in the morning :o/ I then got barked at by a stray dog (I couldn't see his owner anywhere) and my legs felt tired, which annoyed me a bit.

I'm going to tidy the flat today and watch a movie I think later on, maybe have a read too :o)

Hope you're having a feel good Friday!

Happy Slimming =)


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