Saturday, 20 March 2010

the last few days!

I've been so exhausted that I've been falling asleep major early and just zoning out!

I'm not going to give breakdown on all my points for the last 3 days apart from;

Wed: 25.5pts/27
Thurs: 15pts/27 (I wasn't very well and was busy over dinnertime)
Friday: 25pts/27
Saturday (so far): 13pts/27pts

I fell asleep earlier hence why I've not eaten much today, I have just had a WW bar but am not overly hungry at the moment. I've got a chesty cough and cold thanks to my boyfriend (I love him really) so am feeling a bit blergh.

I've managed to total up 12 Activity points since Wednesday, thanks to a lot of walking and Wii Fitting, but I've been told to take it easy as falling asleep before 8pm does not make a very good social life!

I'm watching Titanic at the moment. Can you believe Kate Winslet was 21 when this was made, DiCaprio 22? Leo looks young but Kate looks older, I think - possibly because of the character she was cast as. I remember seeing this at the cinema, with people sniffing and sobbing throughout - alternating between sighing about Leo DiCaprio - I think I was the only girl in the cinema that wasn't obsessed with him!

Anyway, I have a major busy day tomorrow - Mum is moving house so I'm going to be earning some BP's shifting things about all day!

Hope you've all had a good weekend so far and are staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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