Wednesday, 17 March 2010

the one with the second weigh in.

Hello - boy am I glad it's coming up to spring! I absolutely love the sunshine and there is nothing I like more than going for a nice walk with the sun coming up!

I was a total lamer last night and I went upstairs to read my magazine at half 7, intending to just get an hours rest before doing some more WiiFit but I fell asleep >.< Whoopsy! Needless to say I woke up about 4am and got up at half past, dithered around for a bit watching some rubbish early morning television and went for a walk at half six. Except (obviously) they hadn't opened the gates to the garden, so I ended up firstly cutting short my 30-40 minute walk (depending on my level of fatigue) and going through the cathedral. Then I decided, hey, why don't I walk the way I did the other day, that'll add an extra 15 mins, so I did! Ended up doing 45 mins of walking in the early morning sunshine!

I do have a question though - I estimate my walking pace to be gentle - it's not slow but certainly not brisk, but whenever I put in 45 mins of walking in, it comes up with 3.5pts! Surely that can't be right? I'm sure when I went to the gym I only ever earnt 4pts and I worked hella harder than that! Instead, I used the input activity box and put that I'd done 45 mins at low intensity - 3pts still!

Anyway, I ended up killing time before my weigh in; pottered around on the WW boards, then went into the city to have my fringe trimmed, dropped off some books at the library and had a cuppa at Starbucks in the sunshine.

I was early to WI as I couldn't wait any longer - Lisa was away this week and we had a lovely stand in leader called Louise (I think?). I had a chat with the girl who does the WW sales desk (I don't know her name, must find that out) and then stepped on the scales....

....4lbs! I was sort of hoping it would be 5lbs as that would be a stone but then I realised that was a silly thing to think as 1 stone in 2 weeks is insane. I now have half a pound till my first stone so hoping that'll be next week!

Bought some WW Toffee Bars (a tip - to make them last longer, pop them in the fridge, they end up nice and crunchy and I think more satisfying!) and then wandered around town for a bit. Was a bit disappointed as I tried on a size 22 skirt in a charity shop and it didn't fit, then tried on a size 24 in shorts and they fell down! I don't think my body can make it's mind up. As a general rule I'm wearing 20-22.

Oh, I forgot to do my breakdown of yesterday, so here goes it!

Breakfast: same as the previous two days, plus a Cappucino at starbucks = 4.5pts

Lunch: 3 mini pittas - 3pts, wafer thin ham - 1pt, mayo - 1.5pts, Walkers FF - 1.5pts and 1 apple = 7.5pts

Dinner: 70g of wholemeal pasta - 3pts, 200g of EL steak mince - 4.5pts, tom and chilli sauce - 1.5pts, cheese triangle (I was starving) - 0.5pts and a WW bar - 1.5pts = (a whopping) 11pts

Snacks: 1 pink n white - 0.5pts, minestrone slim a soup - 1pts = 1.5pts

TOTAL: 24.5pts/27pts
Activity: 35 min walk - 3pts, Aerobics (15min) - 1.5pts = 4.5pts

Hope you all are having fabulous weeks and good luck to those weighing in!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx


  1. Thirteen and a half pounds in two weeks is awesome! I've just read your blog through from the start and you are so focused and strong willed at the moment. What a recipe for success. Well done! :-))

  2. Thank you so much, it means a lot :) xxx