Friday, 23 April 2010

first blip - slap me now!

Hi all,

Well, as the title suggests I've not had an entirely saintly day. I'm not sure what went wrong in the wiring of my brain when I woke up this morning but I was off kilter all day. You know the kind of days, when things don't really feel quite real? That was today.

Yesterday was mine and Rob's anniversary so after he finished work he came over to Norwich and we went out for dinner. Up until then I'd only had 4 points in preparation for whatever happened that evening (as we didn't have a specific plan) - in the end we ended up going to La Tasca as everywhere else was packed! They have a new platter option which is labelled "Healthy" and is cheaper than getting seperate dishes, so we had that. Was basically olives (although there was a lot of oil!), grilled chicken and prawns, roasted veg in tomato sauce, grilled salmon (I think, although it was quite crispy), salad with olive oil and avocado and melon with serrano ham. It was pretty hard to point - some of the dishes were in the Eat Out guide but as this was a new menu they had quite a few new things. In the end I pointed the whole thing at around 15-16 points. I also had a glass of wine when out (small) and a WW Chocolate Mousse for dessert when we got in. So had 24/26pts (but a lot of that was guess work). Walked 11 miles too!

Today fared less well, breakfast was fine - pretty much the usual (toast and grapefruit) and then at lunchtime I just sort of gave in a little. I had a salad from M&S and some baked crisps for 5.5 points, and half a yoghurt 0.5pt. Then I ended up eating pretty much a bag of hula hoops, 1.5 sticks of kitkat, a cheese scone (why oh why - apart from the fact I was desperate for one) and a mini milky way. We also went for a glass of wine. So I had about 23 points in the space of 2 hours :/

Anyway, ended up having dinner later on but mistakenly thought a naan bread would be less points that rice - Er, no. Even the light choices one was 5 pts. Big mistake! So I am over by 11 points. Technically with my Activity Points I'm still in credit but I never use them so not going to start doing that now. Am going to work on either Fast Start for a week or drop down to 20pts for the remaining 4 full days to make sure I either STS or lose. Cross your fingers!

In NVS news I went into Fat Face yesterday, a shop that rarely fits, but ended up buying a size 16 skirt! Sheesh kebab! Here is a little look:

Anyway, will drop back later in the week to let you know how it's all going.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx


  1. WOOHOO! What a great feeling it must be to be able to fit into a 'normal' sized shop skirt.Can't wait for that day.Your loss is amazing so far :D xx

  2. Love the skirt! And come call that a blip? Well done! x

  3. Heh, in the grand scheme of things it was a small blip - but I felt so guilty!

    GlasgowGalah, the skirt was elasticated so was probably a 20! xxx