Wednesday, 14 April 2010

the one with the sixth weigh in.

Hey folks,

I managed it! I got my 10% keyring and also managed my 4th silver seven which means, I've lost 2st 3lbs! :D Mighty chuffed with that, I said I'd be happy to just get my 10%!

Which means I've lost 5.5lbs this week and 30.5lbs overall - am proper stoked about it.

Am heading off to Ipswich in a bit to have a glass of wine and something from Ask with Nicholas, am determined to stay on track though :)

To everyone weighing in, good luck, and well done to those who have lost.

Happy Slimming =)

Missyb xxx


  1. That's just brilliant! What a fantastic weight loss. Congratulations on reaching your 10% and on getting your 4th silver 7. You're doing great!! Enjoy your dinner out and your glass of wine. Carry on what you're doing, it's obviously working. Well done again x

  2. Excellent result today. What a boost for you to lose extra on top of the 10%. Congratulations to you!

  3. Well done! You're doing extremely well :-)

  4. Thank you everyone, I am totally shocked! x