Thursday, 8 April 2010

fifth weigh in and a cup of green tea.

Hello ladies and gents.

Was ridiculously busy yesterday ferrying about town after WI and then Rob came over in the evening and I was shattered so fell asleep in front of the football - nothing changes, I used to do that 10 years ago ;)

Well, as I suspected I didn't match up to my previous weeks losses but that's okay - I knew it would slow down and after my mini blow out the day before I knew it was likely that it would be even less than I thought. So I lost 1.5lbs, which brings me to 25lbs loss so far. I'm happy with that - 25lbs is a good first milestone and I can't wait for 50lbs! Bless WW, they gave me a wee star to say I'd lost 25lbs.

I'm hoping for a 2.5lb or more loss next week which will bring me to my 10%. I can't wait to have that keyring! So I am going to try extra hard this week, which means only one, maybe two drinks over the course of the week or better still none at all, and tracking everything (although I have been sticking to that).

I'm over Mum's for a few days now as Rob is on a couple of early shifts. I got over here about 11am this morning and then decided to go for a walk, 2 hours later I was still walking - I went over to Waitrose to pick up some cous cous and then stopped off for some diet coke as I was thirsty. My stupid pedometer paused itself so I don't know how many points or steps I've walked fully, but I'm just going to take the value it says at the end of the day.

Anyhow, I hope you're all having a good week and good luck for those weighing in!

Happy slimming and sunning!

MissyB xxx

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