Friday, 16 April 2010

the day i ate a dessert (however small)

Hey everyone, I hope you're all having wonderful weeks.

So, I said I'd come back and update properly, so here I am. Am still shocked that I managed to lose so much at WI, my tracker keeps telling me I'm losing weight too quickly but I can honestly say I'm not starving myself, nor doing exercise every minute of the day, so I don't see any cause for stopping what I am doing. I'm sure it will slow down massively next week and thereon in but it's been a nice month or so of big losses! It's really encouraged me and made me feel motivated.

So, after WI, I had some lunch at home and got ready to head over to Ipswich - my best friend Nick lives there and I've not visited his new flat. I caught the train over there and paid £23 for the privilege, I remember when tickets to Ipswich were about £11! Damn inflation. When I got there Nick met me at the station and we headed over to his, and his flat looks lovely - I am quite quite jealous! We headed to Cardinal Park and on route I noticed how much the town has changed since I moved out about 5 years ago. We went to Old Orleans and had a drink, both had a small glass of wine. Had a chat, then we were both hungry and went over to ASK which was next door.

I said to myself that regardless of whether I stuck to points or not, I would point everything that I had - I think where a lot of people come unstuck is when they go out and forget/don't point what they are eating. We had olives to share to start with as we have this silly in joke about having them at every restaurant we go too (we must start that blog, Nick!) so that was 2 pts for the portion (1pt), Nick had a pasta meatball combo thing and I had a chicken caeser salad for 9.5pts. Nick decided to have some gorgeous looking profiteroles that had ice cream inside instead of cream, and I pinched one - the portion was 12.5pts and I had 1 out of the five that were there, which I worked out to be 2.5pts but rounded up to (3pts). Also had a large glass of wine which according to the tracker is 2.5pts but I pointed it at 3.5pts just to be sure. When we got back to Nick's I had a beer and fell asleep!

Anyway, for the day I used 28pts out of 26 so two over, but I claimed that back yesterday by eating 21pts out of 26pts. Hopefully going slightly over won't have any ramifications come Wednesday!

This is the beauty I was working towards!

Anyway, better dash and dry my hair.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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