Saturday, 10 April 2010

25 Activity Points and the tale of a fat girl getting thin.

I've done 25 Activity points since Wednesday \o/ It's actually more than that but the pedometer has stalled on me a couple of times, but I'll take 25 - I'm going to be doing a lot of walking tomorrow too as I'm going to the seaside so lets aim for 35 this week!

Today I did 9pts alone, it's so funny how doing more exercise makes you more energetic - this time two months ago I was struggling to get through a day without sleeping and resting and now I can walk for 2 hours at a time. It's funny how life throws curve balls. I feel so much fitter, I can walk without getting so much pain and the back ache I was suffering from at the start of the year has completely gone - I'm not sure hether it was the extra weight or because I was drinking too much, but now the weight has started to come off and I'm hardly drinking, so there is two reasons.

Today Mum took my measurements as it's a month since I last had them done.

Arm 14 -1 inch
Waist 44.5 -2 inches
Hips 49 -4.5 inches
Thigh 30.5 -1 inch
Bust 1 42 -0.5 inches
Bust 2 48 -0.5 inches#
Neck 15 -1 inch (gross)
TOTAL 10.5 inches off

That's insane!

Mum also took some pictures of me - These are the pictures before - Above are the photos taken from today - for some stupid reason I can't format them into the latter part of the post, sigh!

Anyway, I'm going to go and have a chill out now, hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine and have a great weekend.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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  1. Great Photos.. you can really see the difference, especially in the side shots .. I also just posted my first after pics taken at 25lb off.. its great to have a visual reminder of your progress, seems to mean more than the numbr on a scale :-) gl for this week! xx