Thursday, 1 April 2010

raise it up...

Hey folks

I promised I would write a longer entry today and here I am. Things WW wise are brilliant, I honestly couldn't ask for more, but things in my personal life are a bit up and down, so I'm not feeling as good as I could. It's a bit strange as this time of year I'm usually full of beans and heaps excited about the summer, but I guess the cold weather and rain of the last few days as compounded my misery somewhat.

I'm debating the pro's and con's of setting the blog private - only for the simple reason there are links to me on here (ie, photos, twitter, etc) - I've never been one to be completely consealed as I don't see the point; I've nothing to hide and I'm not ashamed of anything (bar my weight). But there are people in my life gone by that make me wonder whether being so public about this is the right thing to do. Rob has told me on numerous occasions that I shouldn't be so public about my weight loss but I really do find it helps me to stay focused when I know I have a community (however small) watching me do my figurative business.

I'm not sure. Lots of people on the WW board have said they find my blog inspiring, which is one of the primary reasons I do this - to inspire other people to follow the same journey I am. It really does work, and although I've had no blips so far I know they will happen and I know I have somewhere to moan too rather than bending the ears of my close ones. I am going to think about it over the next few days and see how I feel.

Anyway, I had my meeting yesterday (as documented) and I was a saddened to hear that Claire who works on the Sales Desk is leaving as she's got a new job. I really enjoy catching up with her at meetings and she's always so sweet about my losses. We're friends on Facebook now and she says she's going to pop into the meetings every so often which will be nice. As a result, there is a vacancy for the Sales Desk going at the meeting which Lisa (my leader) asked me if I wanted to fill. I debated this throughout the meeting which was a bit naughty as I didn't listen fully to what was being said (plus Rob was with me and kept nodding off) - In some ways I'd really like to join the team; I've always said once I reach goal I would seriously think about becoming a leader, or at least someone helping at the meetings. But I'm only 4 weeks in and I think I could benefit from being part of the meetings more at the moment - so maybe if the vacancy came up in six-eight months I would feel more equipped to deal with it better. There is also the problem of us moving to Gorleston at some point; I've said I want to continue going to the Norwich meetings (providing I am able too, health and financially) as I like the group and I feel secure there. But I'd have to leave the house at 8am to get to Norwich for 9am to help set up - I'm usually up fairly early but if I'm having a bad day, it could be a real struggle.

Again, another thing to think about. I would like to do it, but maybe in half a year.

Other things preying on my mind - money, as ever, and Rob. He's been feeling off colour for a couple of weeks now and I'm getting seriously worried there is something properly wrong. He's said he's going to the doctors next week for a blood test so please, please cross your fingers that it's nothing major and it can be cured quickly. I'm feeling incredibly vulnerable at the moment :(

Anyway. I'm at Mum's for the next few days I think, possibly going over to Rob's on Saturday.

Hope you are all doing good and staying on track!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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