Tuesday, 27 April 2010

the one with the night before.

I'm insanely nervous about WI tomorrow - after going 10 over my points on Friday I've drastically cut down to compensate, which in all honesty hasn't been very healthy at all, so am not going to continue with just eating salad and crispbreads next week.

I weighed myself on a Boots scale today whilst in Gorleston just to get an idea of whether I've put on or lost and it said 16st 12lbs???? If that comes up on the scales tomorrow at WI I'll probably collapse with shock - anyway, all scales are calibrated differently, I should know that more than most, so providing it didn't say 17st 6lbs or whatever, I'm happy.

As above suggests I've been limiting myself to quite a restricted diet this week - next week I'll encourage myself to eat more but I have this rubbish mentality of just thinking I can cut out the odd bits and pieces out of my daily diet and before I know it I've eaten 14pts instead of 20-odd. I know in order for this diet to work I need to do it properly and not starve myself - doing that will only ensure that when I get down to the desired weight I will only be able to sustain it if I eat minimal foods. I don't want that.

Anyway, W-day is tomorrow and I'll find out the damage. Hope you are all having fabulous weeks and good luck to those weighing in tomorrow and the rest of the week.

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx

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