Sunday, 4 April 2010

snickers cake and apple strudel.

Happy Easter! I've had a lovely day, but boy, there was a lot of temptation today and not one egg in sight!

We walked over to Mum's from my house which is about 2 miles, the weather was nice at that point so we strolled and then stopped off for a drink at the pub near her house. I had an absolutely mediocre glass of wine, half of which I left which I was peed off about as it was a total waste of points. On the way we stopped off at the continental market and bought Mum a chocolate brownie from the stall that she had eyed up the other day - call it her Easter present!

When we got there the smell was amazing - Mum cooks a mean roast dinner and did some lamb, something I don't often eat but I was so hungry I could have eaten anything. I had quorn sausages as they were lower in points than lamb with some fry light roast potatoes and veg. Everyone else had slabs of lamb and proper roast potatoes with lovely gravy - I don't think I've envied a meal so much!

Afterwards, Nana had bought round a cheesecake/cake type thing from Sweden that was Snickers endorsed, hell that looked good. There was also apple and raspberry strudel, and that looked damn fine too. Actually, it was absolute hell watching every tuck in with ice cream - I was sitting with a WW creamed rice and it didn't really hit the spot!

Anyway, I have had lots of fruit and veg today so that is good, and earned 4 Activity points in the process of walking about - to Mum's and then we took Alfie for a short walk after dinner. I've had a little bit of supper and some green tea which is good too. I hope I am rewarded at WI on Wednesday for being so good!

I hope you've all had a lovely Easter weekend so far and have stayed on track. I salute you!

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx


  1. Snickers cake and apple strudel.....and you didn't have any! Awesome effort. You'll deserve your loss this week. :)

  2. Thanks hon, I went slightly over my points yesterday going to Chiquito's, so we'll see if I lost anything this week!