Saturday, 8 May 2010

monthly measurements.

Believe it or not, it's that time again! Time really does fly sometimes.

I thought I'd give a little update as well whilst I'm here.

Nothing much is happening chez moi - I've moved out of my flat and am in with my Mum now to commence some serious saving. I've earnt quite a few bonus points shifting stuff around and have made more of an effort (well, from today) to do more exercise - I have neglected the old Wii for a couple of weeks and haven't been doing toning exercises etc. Slapped wrist!

Everything is okay Points wise, apart from a minor blip on Tuesday (stupidly the day before WI) where I had half a roast chicken and a mint magnum. Whoops! I have no idea why I get to Tuesday and everything goes a bit batshit in my head. I think it's because Rob has Tuesdays off a lot. No excuse really!

I'm starting to see a difference now - initially I could only "feel" it (quicker pace of walking, not getting so tired) but I'm dropping dress sizes - I think I must have been nudging a 24 before I started WW and I'm getting into 20's mainly with the occasional 18/22. I bought a shrug the other day in a 16 - granted it's a bit small but it will do for the summer.

Anyway - measurements and photos! Green is todays, purple was last months and red is when I first started.

Right Upper Arm - 12.5inches / 14inches> (14.5 inches) - loss of 1.5 inches since last month
Waist - 42.5inches / 44.5inches (46.5inches) - loss of 2 inches since last month
Hips - 46.5inches / 49inches (53.5inches) - loss of 2.5 inches since last month
Right Thigh - 28inches / 30.5inches (31.5inches) - loss of 2.5 inches since last month
Bust (under) - 39.5inches /42inches (42.5inches) - loss of 2.5 inches since last month
Bust (over) - 44.5 inches / 48 inches (48.5inches) - loss of 3.5 inches since last month
Neck - 14.5inches / 15inches (16.2 inches) - loss of 0.5 inches since last month

TOTAL = 15 inches since last month :)

I also have some photos for your perusal!

This is when I first started.

This is one month on:

This is today, 45lbs down.

Lastly, a big thank you to the girls and guys on 5+ to Lose, MiniMins WW section and to all the comments on here - I'm really grateful that people are following me and encouraging me :)

Happy Slimming =)

MissyB xxx


  1. Wow, you're really looking great! Keep it up, it's properly paying off now eh?


  2. Wow, you look amazing! Its really showing now! I wouldnt feel bad about the toning exercises, your body is probably grateful as you're losing a lot fast. And it sounds like you're doing more aerobic exercise than you're giving yourself credit for :) xx

  3. WOW you can really see a huge difference from last month Becky !! way to go!! I am 10lbs behind your total and cant wait to take another set of pics to see the difference .. you are a real inspiration! xx