Wednesday, 19 January 2011

week 3 weigh in result

Hello lovelies. Weighed in this morning - wasn't expecting much as I had a SP yesterday and it was showing that I would STS this week after a few days of excess for my birthday at the end of last week.

I lost 2lbs! Am really chuffed with that as I didn't expect it - I am now 16st 0.5lbs and have lost 11.5lbs since I started just before New Year.

I bought "I Can Make You Thin" by Paul McKenna from a cheapy book store in town yesterday - whilst it goes against the principle of Weight Watchers in that it encourages you to eat whatever you want, as long as you take it slow and enjoy the mouthful, I thought it may be a tidy investment for 90p (plus the CD!) :D I read about 100 pages yesterday and am already challenging myself - listening to my body to when I'm hungry rather than eating for the sake of conventional times (breakfast lunch dinner for example). I thought I'd give it a chance anyway.

I also bought 30 Day Shred by Jillian Michaels yesterday off Amazon for £4.99. I've heard it is the hardest work out DVD there is on the market so I'm not holding out much hope of being able to switch it on, never mind get through a workout, but maybe when I'm fitter it will help tone up and lose some extra pounds. At the moment I'm doing walking and a bit of a yoga in the morning, which is good (over 30 mins of exercise) it's not really cardio and isn't going to be losing much in the way of inches. I'm going to see if I did indeed bring the Davina McCall DVD back with me when I moved and I may give it a go this morning.

In other news I have a busy day - I've got to go and pick up some Avon books and deliver another batch before the order is due in next week. This is my first campaign and at the moment I've not had much luck :( Fingers crossed! Tomorrow I've got to pick some more up which I delivered on Monday. Hope you all have wonderful days and good luck to those weighing in :)

Happy Slimming =)



  1. Well done on loss and good luck with the shred, ive heard it is HARD! Im sticking with davina for the mo! xx

  2. I reckon the Shred will languish on the shelf until I'm a bit fitter - for the moment Davina is just about right for me (says she, aching from head to toe!) xxx