Monday, 3 January 2011


Hello lovelies.

I'm back from my Mum's and I had a lovely time - it was so good to see her and my Nana (and even a stealth visit from my auntie, uncle and cousin) and we had a good time.

I managed to stay completely on track despite my Mum's convincing act that it was our "holiday" as we'd not seen each other for nearly three weeks. I was planning on cooking a Quorn Cottage Pie for dinner but then Mum said she didn't fancy the ol' veggie mince, so I had to rethink, without my eSource! Yikes!

I had porridge in the morning before I left and was armed with Slim a Soups and fruit in case Mum hadn't stocked up, in the end I didn't eat all of it anyhow. I had a turkey and ham Sub for lunch and a Go Ahead bar and then went to the local Garden Centre - the food there is immense (think scones, cakes, ice cream, roast dinners!) but I just sat with a diet coke whilst everyone else ate - a bit sad really but I'd already had lunch and I wasn't going to go over points or risk binging.

Dinner was a tomato and basil chicken with potato ready meal from Sainsburys and I treated myself to a BGTY Chocolate pudding dessert which was really nice for 5ppts. In the evening I had a shortbread biscuit for 2ppts (pretty good I thought) and had some more fruit (pineapple, I'm obsessed with it!). I need to make sure I don't eat TOO much fruit, as it can have an adverse effect on the weight loss.

In the end I had 28/37ppts, although I didn't do any exercise of any note at all.

Today has been much of the same, sticking to plan - I had porridge for breakfast round my Mum's and then a Morrisons Eat Smart Chilli Bowl for lunch - really filling and 7ppts! We've got mustard and soft cheese stuffed chicken with baby new potatoes and veg for dinner, and I'll have about 10ppts left over.

Managed a brisk walk into Norwich from Mum's today and a wander round, so that's my 30mins of activity done, although I'm not going to note it. I need to dust the Wii off and get going on that, no way we can afford a gym membership at the moment!

Hope you've all had a brilliant start to 2011 :)

Happy Slimming =)


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