Friday, 7 January 2011

the relief!

OK, so it took a bottle of wine before I could actually go, but it's gone and I'm 2lbs down, haha.

I have major guilt for drinking the bottle, despite the fact I was only four over my daily points (and have only used 4 of my weekly now) - I'm supposed to be allowed a treat and I must not make myself feel bad for it, but for some reason I can't help it. I guess because on previous WW attempts I've only ever drank wine in very small doses (and for the best part didn't drink it at all) so to drink a whole fecking bottle is a steep step. Needless to say I've felt pretty foul today!

To try and combat the hangover I went for an hours walk whereby I was convinced I was going to throw up every five minutes but once I got to the sea I felt marginally better. I picked up some veg and made some 0pp soup, but felt so sick I barely ate anything apart from two slices of Nimble toast.

Tonight we had homemade fish and chips which was quite nice - I might do it with chicken next time although it'll be more points, white fish just tastes a bit bland to me. Had a yoghurt with some apricots too and a WW chocolate slice - so overall I've had 26pps out of 36pps and earned 5 Activity Points.

Am ridiculously tired despite sleeping during the day so think I'm going to have a lie down and just relax.

Happy Slimming =)


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