Sunday, 16 January 2011

neglectful and being 26!

Hello all!

Long time no blog - I have, for the most part, been on track minus three days over my birthday where I just ate whatever. I didn't even post my WI weight from last week, which was -3.5lbs taking me down to 16st 2.5lbs - however I have put 3lbs on over the last few days, which may or may not come off by Wednesday (being Sunday today).

I had a great birthday and am struggling to comprehend that I am now the wrong side of my 20's and heading to 30....eek! Lots of wine was consumed as was food in general. Had some lovely presents - a dress and cardigan from Rob (in a size 16, although it's a very roomy one!) and a bag which is a satchel type which I've been after for ages. Had a bit of money too which is always handy!

I will return hopefully pronto with the damage from this weeks WI - fingers crossed it's a STS or a tiny loss!

Happy Slimming =)



  1. Belated birthday wishes! And well done on a fab start to the year - 3.5 lbs is a brilliant result.


  2. Ooooo I love those bags, monsoon does a beautiful navy blue one i've been dropping hits to the other half about!
    Hope you had a Happy Birthday!
    Welcome to the other side of 25, (my next birthday is 27!)its scary, but if we all stick together we'll make it! :) x

  3. Thank you girls, very kind of you :) The other side of 25 feels strange, but I'll get used to it ;) xxx

  4. lol, wrong side of 20's, man you make me feel old!

    Well done on your recent loss. x