Wednesday, 5 January 2011

the first weigh in!

Well, I stood on the scales this morning and had a loss of 6lbs - I've not lost any weight since Sunday (I've actually gained a pound) but as Rob keeps saying, I've probably got about 3lbs worth blocked up.

Still haven't been, in pain now and feeling really dizzy and sick. I guess one of the benefits of being bunged up is that you don't feel like eating much, as a result I've had 30ppts out of 36.

I was going to go for a long walk this morning to try and encourage myself to go potty but I felt so vile that I made do with walking into town (about a 1.5miles there and back) and 30 minutes on the Wii - I did yoga which made me feel a bit better so I'm going to aim to do 15 minutes of yoga each day.

Had a sausage casserole type thing for dinner - and on the advice of a couple of WW'ers I decided to boil potatoes with swede - it's really nice! I should really take photos of my food and post recipes as a lot of my menu's are just made up.

Anyway, we're watching Indiana Jones, can't believe this film is 30 years old!

Happy Slimming =)


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