Tuesday, 4 January 2011

feeling a bit crummy

I've had a bit of a difficult day today - yet AGAIN I'm having problems going to the toilet (I had real massive problems before Christmas) and despite taking dissolving laxatives I'm not going, which is a) making me feel like crap and b) meaning my weight loss (if since Sunday) isn't showing. A SP suggests I HAVE lost weight, but I think it would be more if I could just go and have a poo! (TMI SORRY!)

I've just been feeling low in general today - I walked past a mirror whilst in Next earlier and I just thought WTF, you look horrific - fat and horrible and blergh. Hopefully after a couple of weeks on plan I will be settled again and feeling better, and I know it's always the first week that is the hardest getting used to everything again.

Today, anyhow:

B: Porridge = 5ppts
L: Turkey & Ham Subway = 7ppts
Apple = 0ppts
D: Stir Fry = 13ppts
S: Veg Soup (homemade) = 1ppts
WW Chocolate Slice = 5ppts

I made a big batch of soup earlier, to save money and to have something to eat as a snack if I'm feeling hungry - I bung a load of veg in with some stock and then put a tablespoon of curry paste in to make it a bit spicy - but for 1ppt its delish! Dinner was stir fry but I over pointed that as I didn't have half of it and I didn't half the oil or the soy sauce so would be about 10ppts really, but best to overpoint.

We walked the 3 miles into town earlier - I'm finding it really hard exercise wise at the moment, my back is KILLING me and is so painful a lot of the time - I should see the doctor really about getting some anti-inflammatories but they usually bugger my stomach about (make me constipated) so I don't want to really get any, oddly I prefer to just ride the pain instead of taking medication. I've got to go back and get a prescription anyhow so I'll ask then.

Tried to find some boots today in the sale but couldn't for love nor money - there were a nice pair in Brantano but they were £100! I don't think so!

I think I'm going to get an early night tonight as I was up uber early - half five! Sitting with a green tea and Rob is watching the television, I think I'll go and relax in a bit.

Happy Slimming =)


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  1. Don't be too hard on yourself hun, you'll get your head back in the game in no time at all :)

    Lex xxx